Reporting on the Facility Development Project

  • Cairns Hockey has been busy working with many stakeholders to complete a revised Master Plan for the Cairns North Hocky Facility
  • Before construction starts on the $2.7m improvements, there was an opportunity to identify what hockey requires of this site now and in the future and spend some time master planning the hockey precinct now and into the future.
  • Hockey is the main is a sport that requires significant capital facilities and these don’t come with a small price tag and requires government assistance and support at all levels. It was important to look and identify what is required from the site moving forward and how we can best achieve this now and in future stages. Above all the Cairns Hockey Membership must stand front and centre within the plans and what we do must improve the quality of the experience playing and being involved with hockey in this precinct.
  • The Final Master Planning Document will be available very soon together with some detail of how and what the $2.7m will be applied. Once this is completed, these documents and additional information will for the basis of the funding contract and an agreed schedule and time frame will be negotiated with the  government to deliver the project. Time Plans and Schedules will look to minimize disruption to the facility where possible. More detail will be provided when all these matters are confirmed.
  • The Board appointed Total Projects Group to work towards these outcomes and members should be very aware of the significant volunteer support the members of Cairns Hockey Facility Management Team are providing to protect the integrity of this project. We take this opportunity to thank Life Members – MARK FRY AND NICK HARDY along with long term hockey supporters GREG GILBOY, PHIL DRUERY AND KEN NORMAN. The commitment, skills and expertize this group provides to Cairns Hockey should never be underestimated.
  • As part of this Master Planning, the transition from traditional lighting to lower cost LED LIGHTS has been identified and investigations are underway. There will be an opportunity to apply for additional State Government Funding to assist with this transition to LED.

State Championships 2017

  • Hockey Queensland State Championships will be played in the June/July State Championships
  • 2 Under 13 Boys and3 Under 13 Girls Teams will contest the Under 13 State Championships
  • 2 Under 18 Teams – Boys and Girls will contest the respective State Under 18 Championships.
  • Training and Preparation are well underway and we thank all our volunteer coaches, managers and umpires who have involved themselves in 2017
  • Masters Team will also go away in June
  • We wish everyone involved the very best of luck and we hope the experiences above all are enjoyable and rewarding.

Inter-City – Under 15 and Under 13

  • In 2017 Cairns, Townsville and Mackay Hockey Associations are trying to provide our younger participants opportunities to represent our respective regions and advance pathway opportunities through this first 3 way inter city competition
  • This will be reviewed on completion and feedback will be requested to ensure we look to balance opportunities within the hockey calendar.

New Uniforms

  • Cairns Hockey Board is looking to reflect the unique part of Australia that is TNQ in our new uniforms. The traditional colours of blue of the sky and the sea and yellow of the sun remain.  Playing Uniforms, Team Polo’s and all this about “uniforms” have been ordered and we are awaiting eagerly to receive delivery
  • Uniform Shirts will remain the property of Cairns Hockey and be available for each event

The following items will be available for sale once we have taken delivery of the order

  1. Uniform Skirt and/or Shorts $40.00
  2. Uniform Socks $15.00
  3. Polo – Adults $45.00
  4. Polo – Children $40.00

More information will be shared once the uniforms are on site but until then we  will keep you guessing

Inter City Games will be played in our older uniforms until June/July 2017


  • Junior Umpiring Workshops continue each Saturday Morning
  • Coaching Workshops are available upon request
  • David McNeil our RCD attended a Hockey Queensland Retention Workshop and key elements of this Workshop will be shared with Clubs in due course
  • 10th June opportunity to be involved in a unique recruitment opportunity – WALKING HOCKEY which could be used to introduce new people to the game and encourage former players back into the sport. Modified – it is open to anyone – any age – why not come down to Cairns Hockey 10th June 2017 at 1pm for a listen


  • Previous posts have identified the funding opening in June 2017. If you need any further assistance in this regard contact Julie McNeil Operations Manager who will be happy to work with you in this regard


  • Cairns Hockey has some funding received under GET GOING Programs to apply towards programs and initiatives that target Boys to play hockey.
  • Clubs will be invited to participate in planning sessions across June and July with the aim of being ready to deliver a new and exciting program in Term 4 2017.
  • If you are interested in being part of this planning – contact David McNeil to register your interest.

HOLD THE DATE – 4th and 5TH AUGUST 2017

  • The is the weekend Cairns Hockey will celebrate its 90 years and have a weekend of fun and celebration
  • Juniors will be included in the party with special activities on Friday and Saturday Morning
  • Potential Movie Night on Friday Night to help the celebrations
  • Discussing with clubs at the present time about some changes to game times so as we can deliver live music and a great party with everyone welcome
  • Across this weekend , Karen Cockrem leads a group that will create a visual of our Cairns Hockey History available in the clubhouse for everyone to see.
  • It is a time for celebration and acknowledgement of those who have paved hockey’s way and those that continue to assist and support our organization.
  • If you want to be part of the organizing committee – contact Karen Cockrem

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Date/Time Event
3:00 pm - 8:15 pm
Mark Knowles Hockey Clinics
Rutherford Street entrance of Cairns Hockey, Cairns Queensland
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm
U13 and U18 Cairns Hockey Uniform Presentation
Cairns Hockey Clubhouse, Cairns North Queensland
7:30 am - 8:00 pm
Qld Under 18 Girls Championships
Rutherford Street entrance of Cairns Hockey, Cairns Queensland
7:30 am - 8:00 pm
Qld Under 18 Girls Championships - Cairns
Rutherford Street entrance of Cairns Hockey, Cairns Queensland
7:30 am - 2:30 pm
Qld Under 18 Girls State Championships
Rutherford Street entrance of Cairns Hockey, Cairns Queensland
8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Super Heroes Holiday Hockey Clinic
Rutherford Street entrance of Cairns Hockey, Cairns Queensland

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