Cairns Hockey thanks everyone who is and has been involved in this project. We begin by thanking all those who went before us for without their insight,commitment and valued contribution, todays improvements would not be possible

It is and has been a truly collaborative environment of people with the very best interests of Cairns Hockey as their paramount consideration. From Board Members, Life Members, volunteer parents, former players and current supporters and staff, everyone has given freely of their time, experience and skill to get us to this point. This will be a great outcome when finished – we encourage you all to be part of the conversation, be positive, look to solve any issues or any challenges – please join with us in the journey


  • Cairns Hockey Board has approved the 1st stages of the multi stage $2.7m improvements to the Cairns Hockey Facility
  • Stage 1 A – New Amenities Building to be constructed starting 8th May 2018
  • Stage 1 B  – Council has given in principle approval to plans which will get back the Cairns Hockey Hill and civil works to support this will begin soon after
  • Stage 1C – necessity to move Pumps, Pipes and Tanks and replace Rainforest irrigation will follow
  • Stage 2 – We have a final stage 2 plan and design for the building and the hill. To complete the final stage building will require a few more dollars than in the budget but the CHA Board is committed to doing everything we can to get the facility completed and finished as close to final design as possible.
  • Russell Keir – Keir Australia is our building partner and project manager. Cairns Hockey Board works with our Facility Management Team of Mark Fry, Phil Druery and Julie McNeil to ensure Cairns Hockey members needs are protected.
  • Cairns Hockey Board has incorporated the role of managing this project on their behalf to the Operations Manager who will be managing the funding agreement and building project on behalf of the members.
  • Completion date is identified in December 2018 at this time.
  • The 2.7m is managed through a grant received from the Commonwealth Government through Regional Development  Julie McNeil our Operations Manager, has been working with the Facility Management Team and TPG Architects for over 18 months now in producing first a Master Plan for the site and now these current designs.



The  Cairns Hockey Board understood how important it was to spend some time and money to identify ways the hill could be returned to hockey now the Tobruk Pool construction is completed. Cairns Hockey has the opportunity and the desire to create a real community space.

We thank the Cairns Regional Council for their assistance and support in working towards what is a fantastic result. We thank our members in particular those people who contributed volunteer time and skill as part of the Facility Management Team.

Please understand this is the vision, but to fully complete the vision, we will need to access additional funding and this is what Cairns Hockey Board and Operations Manager are working towards. The difference between what we will be able to afford and what we need is not huge but it is significant so there is still much to do but each of us is committed to use our best endeavours to gain this ultimate benefit for our membership.

We are open to all conversations around this challenge- it you know a way to assist us, feel free to let us know.

Please note this is a funding agreement that is based around claims in arears. Funding has been negotiated around percentage of project completed. Cairns Hockey has strong financial practices and policies in place to properly manage this project and the Board has worked through these issues in detail and is comfortable the best result has been obtained in the circumstances.

Together as a hockey community we have the ability and the passion to achieve what is necessary. We are a team and as a team we look forward to our members joining us in making this fantastic vision a reality.

8TH MAY 2018 – Construction Commences

STAGE 1  – Amenities behind Reef Turf Dugout

  • Cairns Hockey is leading the way in innovative design relating to these Amenities
  • All requirements are being delivered but we are looking to exceed outcomes and provide regular improved access for members not only in the general quality of amenities but value added extra’s it can provide
  • Looking closely at the design the rooms can be used both as change rooms during competition days and training rooms for training days/evenings. They can be used for school as well as university and other training and upskilling workshops which are adjacent to the pitch so after discussions in the room its an easy transition onto the pitch.
  • During competition, the whole area can be modified to align with all different levels of competition from local, regional, state and above.
  • Plans include (when budgets allow) to have access to AV training aids, white boards and other support resources within the change/training rooms.
  • Included is a First Aid Room for Reef Pitch aligning with ambulance access and support resources
  • Store Room able to be easily converted to a TD Room for tournaments
  • Showers and Toilets are separate cubicles for privacy and safety.

Building Works begin on 8th May 2018 and temporary fencing will be established at the back of the Reef Turf Dug Outs.  Access to the Reef Dugouts will be through the side entrance. This might cause some disruption but we will look to minimize this disruption if at all possible.

As the construction progresses and we look to undertake relocation of the truck turning access and the moving of the Tanks, Pumps and replacement pipes, there will be more disruption and we will keep you informed as to time tabling and schedule as information comes to hand.

We hope the end result will be something we all can be very proud of which benefits  Cairns and Cairns Hockey members now and well into the future

INFORMATION dissemination

  1. We will be using all our communication practices and formats to ensure clubs, members and supporters are as well informed as possible.
  2. Data Base, Website, social media will be used as well as club information resources, notices at hockey and word of mouth.
  3. If there is any information you want clarified, please contact Cairns Hockey and we will do our best to address your matter in a timely manner.


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