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One of the longer term objectives included in the Cairns Hockey Strategic Plan 2016-2020, is to provide support for pathway programs and expand opportunities through Cairns Hockey for hockey participants to increase skill levels whether they are playing and/or coaching.

In 20178the skill development will extend to umpires and officials as well.

Cairns Hockey Association | Coaching Team Personnel

Regional Coaching and Competitions Director

David McNeil

David McNeil is a highly recognized mentor coach with extensive experience at international, national and state level. He is a highly valued member of Cairns Hockey.

David’s new role  is responsible for driving the strategic objectives of sustained growth, expanding competitive and social competitions and successful pathways. This includes taking over the management of the CHA competition, chairing the competitions committee, drives and delivers local and regional competition, coaching support, mentors and training, game development, recruitment and retention across pre season, winter, summer, Indoor, Social and Rep programs including Academy and other pathway programs.




Regional Coaching Coordinator

Matt Cook

Matt Cook is a developing coach across high performance, with 2016 appointment as Queensland Under 15 1 Coach and is coaching the Cairns Open Men’s Team at the State Championships

Matt has been appointed to the national program, with development appointments at the Youth Olympics in Nanjing. He is currently completing his Advanced Coaches Course through Hockey Australia.

Matt’s role is upgraded to ensure he takes over some of the roles which formerly were delivered by the Regional Coaching Director. The roles include – On-field training programs- Rep programs to be identified- Coach Education, Workshops, On Line, Accreditation- Academy Programs- State Champ- IT updates- KPI’s. This role will report to Regional Competition and Coaching Director and will be supported by mentor programs within the structure and has professional development opportunities available.

Matt Cook con be contacted at

Regional Programs Coordinator

Wesley Ferns

Wes Ferns is a developing coach currently the 2016 Queensland Under 13 Boys Hockey Coach. He has completed a Level 2 Coaching Course and has been involved in many high quality mentoring programs.

This role has  expanded to enable Wes to gain experience in delivering CHA 13 and Under Rep Programs, recruitment and development, development officer advancement and development, coaching development pathways and KPI. The linking of the Aspire to be Deadly Program with mainstream support is an important element of this position and while Wes will report to Regional Competitions and Coaching Director in all aspects of growth, competition and pathway associated programs, Wes has the added responsibility of reporting to Operations Manager in relation to the Aspire to be Deadly Program.


Cairns Hockey Development Officer

Jessica Fatnowna

Jess continues her role in this position and after nearly 1 year in the role, Jess has been asked to advance her roles in recruitment and development, will be assisting in school hockey programs, assist the Junior Programs, deliver Aspire to be Deadly and her role is expanded to offer some administrative support

Look out for more information on the following:-

  • Coach Mentor Support Program
  • Skill Development
  • Accreditation and Training Programs
  • Cairns Regional Hockey Academy Programs
  • Representative Team Support
  • Higher Performance Talent Identification Programs

Want to be involved in Cairns Hockey coaching? Contact David McNeil on phone (07) 4053 2348 or email

Cairns Hockey Association | Cairns Regional Hockey Academy

Cairns Hockey has a long and proud history of our players competing successfully at regional, state, national and international levels. To advance and improve these opportunities now and in the future, the Cairns Regional Hockey Academy has been established to deliver programs designed to:

  • Improve the individual’s fundamental skills and knowledge of the game
  • Improve the coach’s fundamental skills and knowledge of the game
  • Deliver advanced skills training
  • Establish a mentor support program to support players and coaches in their challenge to attain state, national and international representation

Our Academy staff are nationally accredited coaches and provide a wealth of experience and expertise through their life long involvement with hockey at state, national and international levels.

The Academy accesses specialist staff from Hockey Queensland and the Queensland Academy of Sport, as well as Hockey Australia, to ensure that participants receive the highest level of coaching available. Information on Academy Programs will be published as they are confirmed.

Cairns Hockey Association | Skill Development Programs

In 2016 the focus of the Development Program is on skills training and providing specialist tools for development.

Goal Keeping

This year Cairns Hockey is introducing a Goal Keeping Academy for all ages and skill levels. The set up is two sessions each week for 4 weeks:
– one session focusing on Goal keeping skills; and
– one session (in conjunction with Fit360) focusing on fitness specifically for goal keepers.

This is not an age based academy, rather there are three skill level based groups.
– Developing ($TBA)
– Aspiring ($TBA)
– Advanced ($TBA)

I’ve copied in the video which contains more details on the groups.

All academy members will train at Fit360 on Mulgrave Road on Thursdays around 6pm (time not concrete) while the skill sessions will be divided based on groups on Thursday and Friday nights and Sunday afternoons.

No start date has been set. Please contact Matt Cook at to sign up and for more information.



Drag Flicking

For the coaches who want to learn more about coaching and improving drag flickers in your team, there is specialised drag flicking coach education available upon request. Please contact

Dragflicking clinics for players will be scheduled on request.


Cairns Hockey On Line Coaching Workshops

Cairns Hockey Coaching Department is working hard to produce informative and convenient on line resources that enable our members to access current and relevant content.

Follow this link to choose from an extensive playlist of coaching information.

If you want to know more then contact Cairns Hockey Coaching Department- David McNeil or Matt Cook –


Cairns Hockey Association | Accreditation and Mentor Programs

Cairns Hockey will be running a number of training and accreditation courses during the year. All Hockey Accreditation is delivered in accordance with the Hockey Australia Hockey Ed Requirements.
Information on Hockey Ed can be obtained through

More information on when the Coaching Accreditation Courses will be held, will be published on this site, as and when dates and times are confirmed.

If you would like to express interest in attending an accreditation course, please contact David McNeil, Cairns

Hockey Regional Coaching Director, on phone 4053 2348 or

Cairns Mentor Coach Program

Mentoring is an effective way for coaches and officials to learn and develop, under the supervision of a senior coach or official. Mentors can assist with coaching or officiating skills improvement and be a sounding board for problems.

Mentoring relationships can be formally structured, with mentors assigned to coaches or officials, or they can be very informal. A mentor can be equally useful for a new coach or official just starting out, or for an elite coach or official with many years of experience. An overview of mentoring can be downloaded below.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please contact

If you are interested in being mentored, please contact

For more information, please contact David McNeil on phone (07) 4053 2348 or email

Cairns Hockey Association |Resources for Members


Cairns Hockey Online Coaching Resources







This information is provided through Clearing House for Sport delivered by Australian Sports Commission

The information resources within the Clearinghouse for Sport (Clearinghouse) Knowledge Base aim to answer a range of common questions, but also provide a basis for discussion within and beyond the Australian sport and active recreation sectors. The resources presented in this section of the Clearinghouse have been organised for the benefit of Australia’s active recreation community members including administrators, volunteers, officials, participants, physical fitness educators and instructors, researchers, students, and government policy advisors.

Cairns Hockey provides these easy links to Member Clubs and Volunteers with the view they can use these as resources to assist with the local challenges. Cairns Hockey will work with any Club or membership group to advance hockey in the Cairns Region










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