The Under 11 Karumba Development Tour is an example of the true power of sport.

It is an example of where community can make great things happen. It is an example of where young people take away positive messages relating to the power of sport. The decision to bring mainstream hockey to the bush was made in 2016 and was such a resounding success, parents almost demanded we offer this opportunity once again. We thank everyone for contributing because it takes community to make memories to last a lifetime and this is what was achieved.

Here are some of the highlighted outcomes which CHA and the hockey community are very proud of.

  • Cairns Hockey was strengthening the collaborative partnerships between the BDO Nth Qld Aspire to be Deadly Hockey Program with mainstream hockey.
  • Cairns Hockey believes that sport is a vehicle that can drive positive social changes and inviting young people to expand their horizons of thought and meet new people and make new friends outside of the cultural norms. Under 11 was the identified age for this to have the greatest influence and we prepared for an experience of a lifetime in hockey
  • The program needed to be affordable, supported Aspire to be Deadly Outcomes, it required parental support and above all it needed to provide benefits to our Under 11 participants
  • Cairns Hockey involvement in Karumba Gulf Hockey Program is long standing and community consultation through the Gulf Program was very positive
  • Created opportunities to measure Aspire Program outcomes in this region and build and strengthen relationships to support sustainable and long-term programs for hockey
  • Provided pathway and opportunity for the Cairns West Aspire team and encouraged them to use the life experiences of this year in building self -confidence and self-worth
  • Provided Cairns Under 11 new experiences and challenge them in a safe and supported environment to deal with new experiences
  • Supported Aspire mentor programs and workshops with inclusion of Cairns West and Kowanyama through the Aspire strengthening network
  • Strengthened the links with health agencies to show for Aspire can work and deliver successful health messages through the hockey program.
  • Provided increased participation and pathway opportunities for the remote regions
  • Highlighted the benefits to share cultures and experiences at a younger age and build friendships both at community level and individual levels.
  • Provided coach training and skill development for both Cairns and the Aspire Remote Hockey Programs.
  • Increased profile and highlighted the strength of hockey in the region
  • Invite new parents to be involved and support parent/child bonding as part of this program.

This program has also shown that the ongoing partnerships and collaborations with community support programs are showing some very positive results with Cairns West Aspire Team travelling to Karumba with the support of the school and Kowanyama School Team participated as part of the healthy and active programs using hockey as the tool to drive positive social outcomes. A special thanks to BDO Nth Qld and Just Hockey for their ongoing support to the Aspire to be Deadly Program. Thanks to Apunipima Cape York Health Council.for the great partnership with Kowanyama and thanks the thanks to Primary Network North Queensland and their partnership through Aspire to Deadly Good Health. Cairns Hockey noted the great work RIHP Hockey was doing in Dajarra in assisting the community prepare for this hockey festival and highlights the benefits of these collaborations across remote hockey advancement in Queensland.



Our Cairns Hockey community embraced this program and we thank all the volunteer supporters, parents and supporters who take part in this grand adventure. Cairns Hockey incorporate mentor support programs for both the players as well as the coaches and officials which result in positive experiences. Thanks to Cairns Hockey staff that worked in many capacities to support this program. The passion, skill and commitment they provide sets us apart.

Thanks to the Karumba Community for their welcome and embracing this advancing program. Thanks to Cairns Bus Charters for their support and assistance with the transport arrangements, thanks to Gulf Caravan Park, Karumba Point Sunset Caravan Park (thanks for the pizza’s as well) and Gee Dees Holiday Units for accommodating the 2 Cairns Teams and the 1 Cairns West Team. Thanks to Mick’s Café for the great lunches, Karumba Bakery for the cup cakes and birthday cake and Ash’s for great fish and chips and the Karumba Tavern for the last night dinner. Also a special mention to Midway Café at Georgetown for the great toasted sandwiches for lunch during our travels.

Cairns Hockey players showed us first hand in Karumba what the power of sport can achieve with our players meeting and talking to young people from across remote communities and delivering impromptu coaching clinics with young people helping young people learn new skills and engaging and sharing experiences.

Thank you to CHA Board for having faith in this program and supporting it from inception to delivery and finally – thank you to the parents who trusted us with their young children to provide an experience that would assist both in their hockey journey and through their future journey in life. Many thanks to our staff and supporters for their ongoing support and commitment to this program.

Here is a link to some images of the trip

A full report will be completed in due course but initial reviews and feedback would appear to confirm this program will be included again in the 2018 Calendar.

Thanks to the Department Prime Minister and Cabinet through the support to Cairns Hockey Aspire to be Deadly Program that has enabled to collaborate and advance programs for indigenous young woman and girls. In this event alone opportunities have been able to be advanced to progress the outcomes of the program and includes

7 communities participating

Over 20 teams

4 divisions of competition

180 plus young people participating

130 plus being indigenous young people

90 plus being indigenous young women and girls

In addition over 50 indigenous parents/teachers and supports attended of which more than 50% were women .

Cairns Hockey acknowledges it’s  collaborative partner Hockey Queensland RIHP Program in advancing hockey programs together across the remote and indigenous communities of Queensland.

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