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Cairns Hockey introductory hockey programs are based around the national participation program including modified programs designed to make a fun and safe transition into the sport of Hockey.

Cairns Hockey PLAY HOCKEY  has been specially designed as a fantastic, fun way to introduce beginner, junior players to the game of hockey. What’s it all about? Children getting to know about hockey through an organized and structured game-based program which is safe and fun.

These programs are designed for girls and boys ages 10 and under who are just starting their hockey experience.

  • Helps boys and girls learn the basics of the game in a fun and safe environment
  • Develops fundamental motor skills
  • Teaches young people to work as part of a team
  • Have Fun and meet new friends


  • Perfect for girls and boys
  • School Term Programs
  • Multi week program – up to 8 weeks
  • 60 – 90 minute sessions
  • Inclusive environment
  • Participant Pack available

For more information on when and where these sessions are running, contact Cairns Hockey Office or call Megan on 4053 2308.


These programs are designed to create a safe fun environment that encourages young people to learn the basic skills of the game . Hockey is family friendly and these introductory programs will provide opportunities for the whole family to become involved through volunteer roles that ensure the programs sustainable success.

When a young boy or girl has their initial cub experience with Hockey it is important that in addition to  learning the game of Hockey they also have the opportunity to develop life skills. Hookin2Hockey gives young people the opportunity to begin a lifelong journey with the iconic Olympic Sport of Hockey. It is a game that is actively played by participants as young as 5, both males and females, demonstrating that Hockey is truly  a family sport.



Play Hockey in Cairns invites the family into the hockey community of Cairns and welcomes the young participants as well as the families to a new club community.

– The new hockey skills you learn through a fun and modified program of engaging small sided games at a local level is the first step that could take you all the way to the Olympics.

– The  skills taught are safe with no requirement to raise your stick higher than knee height.

– INTERACTIVE activities assist learning in a fun space so as we can maximize enjoyment and increase the amount of children’s’ physical activity, making them healthier, and increasing their involvement.

– SIMPLE sessions with lots of room to make learning easier.

– PLAYING  GAMES A PRIORITY – its what helps  young people learn to love the game! Games RULE It’s more fun that way!!


Cairns Hockey Association | School Programs

Cairns Hockey can work with schools to deliver school programs. Cairns Hockey is a registered Sporting Schools Registered Deliverer. Hockey Programs are based around the national Hook in2 Hockey Program.

To talk how we can design and deliver a School Program, please contact Cairns Hockey Operations or contact Wes Ferns on 4053 5400 or 4053 2308.


Contact Mili at Cairns Hockey  4053 -2308




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