Play Hockey in 2019 in Cairns – Introduction to Hockey Programs Update for Clubs and Members

Engagement  and Club Collaboration


All Clubs attending agree that a collaborative approach combining the resources of CHA and Clubs and working together with schools and community is the best approach and all clubs present agree to be involved  2019 CHA Recruitment Program includes
Radio Promotions highlighting Play Hockey in Cairns and promoting 22nd February 2018 Sign-On Day at Cairns Hockey
• Having 500 flyers for each club available for each club and thereafter clubs can get template from CHA is further flyers are necessary and clubs can get more flyers are their own cost
CHA will have road side signs promoting 22nd Feb 2019 Sign-On and Come and Try
• CHA will undertake a social media- digital campaign targeting locally
• CHA will provide staffing assistance and Board has directed a young male to be part of the recruitment team and CHA is actioning this.
• CHA will take a booth at the Biggest Sign- On at the Convention Centre 16th Feb 2019 and Clubs are requested to assist with providing people to support this.
• CHA will support all the promotion with a COME AND TRY HOCKEY FOR FREE FRIDAYS IN FEBRUARY at Cairns Hockey 1st 8th and 15th leading up the SIGN ON 22nd February 2019.
Thereafter Cairns Hockey will be available to deliver a further Friday afternoon session in collaboration with clubs on 1st March 2019 and then on 9th March 2019 will be the opening of the facility where we focus on a great few hours for the kids and club – specific details to be confirmed
• 15th March 2019 is the start of the 2019 hockey program


• Cairns Hockey has taken the feedback from 2018 and planned a 6week recruitment time frame with 21 days between the big Sign On and junior hockey starting to give clubs time for their organization
There will be a competition at Pezzutti Park in 2019 – Saints Club and CHA will have a meeting in January to confirm arrangements – invitation open to all clubs to use this as part of southside recruitment.
• CHA has confirmed that in 2019 P-4 programs will be run on Friday afternoon and any discussion on future formats, timing etc. will be addressed through Junior Committee and Club Forums in 2019. At this time calendar will be done in 2019 with no change.

• Calendar will be shared in the next week
• CHA Fees have been advised to clubs which has been seen as a positive for clubs
• CHA staff – Julie/Megan and Janice will be attending new data base and competition portal training in Townsville on 12th January 2019 and thereafter will share information with clubs and schedule training for clubs and interested members in early 2019 as required and requested
• CHA can then advise clubs about all in one payment of fees option being discussed


• All clubs welcomed support and partnerships with CHA in relation to their identified schools
All clubs confirmed and agreed that CHA will continue their preliminary contact and discussions with schools to schedule Assembly and Come and Try after school programs and once confirmed will send through information to clubs and clubs will support the school program with club members attending any organized activity
• Confirmed come and try after school is a preferred recruitment method
• Saints confirmed they have local school coordinators but welcomed the support
• Souths confirmed the collaborative program delivered in 2018 was of benefit and requested this support again
• Stingers confirmed they received some funding and will be using this to recruit actively in their targeted schools but need assistance from CHA


1. CHA open for business 8th January 2019
2. Clubs can send through to CHA any information to be included on club flyers by 15th January 2019
3. Clubs to send through any additional information to CHA by 15th January 2019 so this can be incorporated in any promotional campaign if required
4. Noted promote FRIDAYS on the flyer
5. Clubs can provide cost information and we can include this individual information on the back of the individual club flyer
6. CHA will have 500 recruitment flyers for each club available by 21st January 2019 and clubs can collect at CHA.
7. CHA will have road signs out by 1st February 2018
8. CHA radio ads in support of Sign On are being produced now and will be played 2 weeks leading up to sign on 22nd Feb 2019

Meeting Minutes

Recruitment Meeting Minutes_

Information Meetings will be scheduled in January 2019 and shared with all clubs

Thanks to everyone who attended and contributed.
If there are any alterations/additions to this information, please contact Julie McNeil.
Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year


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