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Five great reasons to get into Hockey in Cairns

  1. Hockey has been played in Cairns for nearly 90 years and currently we have over 1300 members, so you probably know someone who plays hockey.
  2. Great way to make new friends, have lots of fun and keep fit.
  3. Supports the development of fundamental motor skills in the young.
  4. It can take you around the world, even to the Olympics.
  5. It helps you learn life skills like discipline, commitment, respect and encourages you to think more about doing it for the team.

Decided to get into hockey? Contact one of your local clubs or Cairns Hockey direct on

Play Hockey in Cairns | Programs and Events

Come and Try Hockey Programs. Cairns Hockey runs a range of FREE Come and Try Hockey Programs across the Cairns Region as part of the GET INTO CAIRNS HOCKEY recruitment and growth programs, which are aligned to and supported by the four (4) Cairns Hockey Clubs. Details of specific events will be promoted through our Facebook page and on this site.


2017 Program will be available in the New Year

In the meantime, you can contact Megan at Cairns Hockey on 07 4053 2308 or if you want to know more information

Young Athletes Travel Subsidy Scheme

Up to $1,200 for young athletes in Cairns. For more information please visit this website.

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