Semi-Finals and Preliminary Finals.

Masters, Senior and Secondary Grades

Matches drawn at completion of normal time will go into extra time. Extra time will be 5 mins each way. At completion of extra time, if still drawn team finishing higher on ladder will proceed to next round.
If teams were level on points, goal difference will be next, then goals for and goals against.


  • If drawn at completion of full time ALL games will go to extra time of 5 mins each way.
  • A, B and S1 – Extra time will be golden goal.
  • Masters, C, S2,3 and 4 – Full period if extra time will be played.
  • If games are still drawn at completion of extra time ALL games will go to shoot out.
  • A, B and S1 – a breach by the goal keeper in defending a shoot out will result in a Penalty Stroke
  • Masters, C, S2, 3 and 4 – a breach by the goal keeper will be a Penalty Goal.

Bench and Field Control

  • Instructions have been issued to the technical people to ensure that the benches and half time team talks only have those registered on team sheets.
  • In normal circumstances that would be, players (in team uniform and ready to play), Coach, Manager and Assistant Coach. If not assistant coach it may well be a medical person.
  • Technical people will be requested to enforce these normal rules. Please assist by complying from the start to avoid conflict.

Codes of Conduct

Cairns Hockey Codes of Conduct


We wish you good hockey for the final series.

For any questions in relation to these matters please email or contact David McNeil on 0419787545.  If David is unavailable, email Janice at and she is see this is actioned accordingly.


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