Member Update 14th May 2018

Cairns Hockey Amenities Building


• Council continues to do work curbing and channelling eastern side of lake street
• We have requested no work is done when hockey is schedule


Hawthorne Shield

• Wes Ferns is on a week’s leave – he will be at Hawthorn – for any rep issues please contact David McNeil while Wes is away.
• Congratulations to Peninsula School Reps for being identified Phoebe Nixon – Qld selection and player of the Tournament, Laura Trezise as Goalkeeper and Layla parker – shadow keeper
• 22nd May 2018 next Board Meeting

Competition Matters

• No fixtures this weekend – Hawthorn Shield
• Masters Men and Masters’ Women games are scheduled
• There has been some feedback that time keeping office is closed when returning information. We have erected a box near the Tech Bench at Rainforest and its is marked accordingly. Please put any information you need to give to CHA in this box. It will be cleared regularly.
• CHA competitions support has noticed that game cards and results are not being confirmed on game cards – Umpires and Captains/Managers should complete the game card as part of the game duties. Please give a reminder to ensure correct scores can be confirmed as part of our records.
• Feedback from teams and players asked for Player of the Year to be extended across the grades. We implemented this (which takes significantly more time each week) but teams are not completing these on a regular basis. Can you remind your team manager’s about this please?
• Due to the withdrawal of I believe the South Black Men’s Masters Team, there will be a bye in this competition. To avoid the above, and up until Thursday 28 June, the Cairns Under 18 Representative Team will play in the Men’s Masters. Unfortunately, due to other commitments this cannot commence until Thursday 24 May 2018. No game fees for the rep team Masters’ Team will be required to pay game fees
• We remind clubs that this year there is a point system for cards. If Clubs have any questions, please contact Janice directly.
o Cairns Hockey will be implementing a points system aligned with the receiving
of “cards” in 2018. The points system allocates
o 2 points will be allocated against the player/official receiving a green card
o 5 points will be allocated against the player/official receiving a yellow card
o Once a player/official reaches 15 points they will receive an automatic one- week suspension to be served the next Cairns Hockey scheduled local fixture.
There is no appeal against this suspension
o Points keep accumulating and a player/official will receive the next automatic one- week suspension when 25 points is accumulated to be served the next Cairns Hockey scheduled local fixture There is no appeal against this suspension.
o Points keep accumulating and a player/official will receive the next automatic one -week suspension when 30 points is accumulated to be served the next Cairns Hockey scheduled local fixture. There is no appeal against this suspension
o After the 30point suspension is served, the player will be suspended when they have attained 35 points and every 5 points thereafter. The suspension shall be served the next Cairns Hockey scheduled local fixture.
o Red cards would be dealt with by the Judiciary.


• As at 30th April 2018, the Cairns Hockey Finances are strong and P/L against budget to positive – 2018 Budget was reviewed and identified some changes moving forward to support our policy of strong financial performance
• Masters Reports are still being completed but estimated a profit for the weekend of estimated $10K – this could not be achieved without the support of staff and volunteers and we thank them sincerely
• Club 2nd instalments are due – thanks to Souths for prompt payment. Please ensure payments are received as soon as possible – contact Janice for any questions you have in this area.
• Significant repairs of lighting and upgrade of junior fields across Lake Street has occurred in 2018 so the $10K profit will assist in reducing the impact of these additional costs


• Amenities Building will soon be underway – schedule take for site preparation 16th -18th May 2018. Building approval has been received and Council have accepted our proposal to change the road and hammerhead turning area near the pool which will provide us with the capacity to retain a great hill viewing and community space.
• To get this result, we have had the assistance of many people and it is great to see everyone working together to find ways to achieve a positive result. The impact of this decision will we believe lead to a great result once the facility is complete. Thanks to everyone involved
• Fencing up this week
• Anticipated this building will be ready in August 2018
• Once the fencing and site establishment is completed we will send through information regarding access and other arrangements
• This is the start of where disruption will increase- please be patient and respect advices and notices.
• We will be working with governments at all level to try and get added support and we will we meeting with Council as early as next Monday to seek opportunities
• Moving the hammerhead and turning circle has been approved so this will get back some great community space
• Some damage to rainforest after Masters’ which has been addressed – we will lodge an insurance claim for this
• Board is committed to managing this within budget so as not to impact negatively on members
• We will keep notices on site to inform members of building progress

Rep Program 2018

• Hawthorn 2018 travel to Townsville – 21 teams competing
• Masters Women in Townsville in June
• Under 13 and Under18 in June/July
• Under 13 and Under 18 Teams will be finalized after Hawthorn Shield
• New uniforms will be worn
• Megan is completing the Managers Resources now
• Between now and 3rd July2018, we will be managing 10 rep teams in preparation and delivery as well as umpires and support- this is over $100K commitment across the next 7 weeks and this does not include CHA office organizing 2 state championships within this time and hosting them


• Masters Men completed and congratulations to our members and supporters for supporting this event
• Next event Qld School Sport 12 and Under Hockey – preparations have started, and they are increased beginning next week 14-17 June 2018 during the day so usual club bookings have limited disruption
• Followed by State Under 18 Girls Championships of which we are hoping to field 2 teams – July 1-3 in the school holidays
• More information will follow across the next few weeks, but we are looking for volunteers to assist with canteen and kitchen during the day. This is a 8am- 4pm event so if anyone could assist, this would be appreciated

Aspire Program

• Receiving positive support for its advancement and assist Cairns Hockey will funding and resourcing and staff support outside of members fees
• In negotiations to advance this program in 2019 through an Academy Program and working with Hockey Australia and Hockey Qld in this regard as well as governments State and Federal.
• Beginning to work with clubs to develop sustaining transitional programs from Aspire to Club and this will be done through the balance of 2018 – links fromP5-6 to S3 and 4 programs in the first instance and will be available to all clubs
• Board looking at this program and how to advance in 2019-2020 at its next Board Meeting

Club Development Support


• On 20th April 2018 I sent an email to club Presidents outlining the new structure Hockey Queensland was adopting and its future impact. In that same email was a link to the Modern Club Management Resource and how to access it.
• At this time, I have not received any feedback on the resource
• Hockey Queensland has asked us to be involved in future club development and we want to know if clubs want to be involved. It will be focused around the Modern Club management Resources, but we need to make funding application to do this and this could impact club plans
• Please let me know your thoughts as soon as possible as to whether your clubs want to be involved directly as we have teleconference with Hockey Qld on 22nd May 2018 where this will be discussed. Call me if you need any further information
• 2018 Competitions and Club Forum – please have your Committees discuss and send back feedback on agenda items or what format you would like to see implemented. Last year the following process was followed
(i) Forum agenda was shared with clubs and sought feedback on items to be discussed
(ii) Board confirmed agenda
(iii) Forum was delivered
(iv) Feedback was collected and collated and sent to cubs for feedback
(v) Board then used the information in future discussions

• Junior Committee is looking to explore as a strategic planning exercise, their role and the role of the representatives, the priorities and timings across the year. This can be linked to the Competitions and Club Forum if clubs let us know.

• CHA would like timings for future planning to follow as close as possible
– May/June- start discussion of 2019 planning
– Draft calendars and budgets for 2019 in August 2018
– Reviews of 2018 Programs to be finalized by August/early September
– Feedback to share to clubs – September
– Final Feedback and draft agenda Early October
– Forum in Oct/Nov
– Forum Feedback to Clubs in November
– Final Board Meeting for Year November – confirm 2019
– AGM in December 2018

– 6week Hook in2 Hockey targeting new participants
– Club comments – using the Hockey Australia Hook in2 Hockey Program
– Do clubs wish to be actively involved?
– Promotion/ School Connections/ locations/ times – connect to 2019 programs
– Can club committees please discuss and share their opinions with us please

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