June Update at Cairns Hockey


  • Slab has been started and will continue across next week. Blockwork starts thereafter.
  • Attach colour designs for amenities building.
  • New turning circle anticipated starting date next week –
  • Finalizing amended designs and getting firm costings for the link building
  • Operations Manager now addressing these and many more building issues regularly with Builders and others ensuring we are tracking well.
  • Confirmed financial management of the claims to align with auditing practices
  • Received $5K funding $ for $ on the shade each side of the amenities block from Qld Cancer Council and this is being incorporated in design. Working on how to value add to this with most economic outcomes
  • Working on Claim 3 due 15th June 2018 – much to do to get ready for this – Working with Russell in relation to this – important these dates are met to ensure a positive cash flow through the process.
  • Reviewing final Building designs and costings and will be presented to CHA Board for consideration
  • Building Scheduled to be complete December/January 2018
  • Discussions begin for an event in 2019 to celebrate the opening of the facility and the 2019 season

• Making the insurance claim on outstanding matters around the site
• Council continues to address the netting between Grass Field 1 and Pool


• Presently organizing 5 Under 13 Teams to travel to State Champs in July 2018
• In addition, we have 1 Under 18 Boys travelling and 2 Under 18 Girls Teams playing in Cairns
• All this happens within a period of 10 days in July 2018
• Policy of equalizing travel costs when there is flights/bus and accommodation required and this means 4 teams are equalized – 3 Under 13 Girls Teams and the Under 18 Boys team. The Under 13 Boys are going to Mackay on bus and these costs were invoiced separately as are the Under 18 at home.
• All uniforms are available
• Fundraising Programs are all being coordinated through the managers – Managers, Coaches and Umpires are being mentored and Megan is coordinating the Representative Programs. This is a huge financial and logistical program and we thank all the volunteers who have agreed to fill the roles of coaches, managers and officials/umpires.


  • Wes is assisting Under 13 Boys coaches and managers and David is assisting Under 13 Girls program
  • David is still working through some issues regarding Under 18 on where the mentoring is best applied. Wes is coaching the Under 18 Boys Team with Kylie McArthur and Paula Val Madre coaching the Under 18 Girls Teams.

There has been late withdrawals from the  Under 18 Boys team and this has also placed pressure on the program as a whole.  We all understand extraordinary circumstances occur but when there is more than just the 1 withdrawal it effects the whole representative program.

Women’s Masters Teams in Townsville for State Championships.

  • Both teams from Cairns produced some great results
  • Cairns 2 played in their Division Final and were winners against Mackay
  • Cairns 1 played Brisbane in their Division Final and were winners against Brisbane
  • Congratulations to Rhylee Pendrigh for player of the final in Division 2 and Karen Winkworth – Player of the Final in Division 6.
  • Congratulations to all our players who were recognized with state honours
  • Cairns were also represented well in umpiring and technical officials
  • Thanks to everyone who assisted in this great event and congratulations to all Cairns Teams, Coaches, Managers, and Officials and Umpires.

Cairns North Sporting Precinct

Hockey, Pool and Tennis continue to have regular meetings to try and value add for members as part of a Cairns North Sports Precinct Plan.
(i) Currently we are promoting and sharing information on websites and social media.
(ii) We are creating a precinct calendar combing and promoting all events as well.
(iii) Next meeting in 6 weeks to start looking at economies of scale across the precinct, strategic plan for the precinct and see if Council will assist. Small steps but moving in the right direction.

We all want to work together and offer membership benefits across the whole Precinct and promote the Precinct as a premier sporting venue and work together to deliver with membership advantages.

At the Cairns North Facility


  • Venue Map for the 12 and Under State Champs
  • Fund raising BBQ continues for rep teams this week during the 12 and Under State Champs
  • No games 16th and 17th June 2018
  • June 14-17 12 and Under School Sports State Hockey Championships – lots of cairns juniors playing in Peninsular teams and Aspire participants represented in both Peninsula and President’s team.  Warren Entsch will be calling in to visit the facility on 14th June 2018.
  • Monday 25th June 2018 – Mark Knowles clinics will be held more information
  • Under 18 State Champs in Cairns 1-3 July 2018
  • Super Heroes Holiday Clinic – Under 13 5th July 2018


Committee Meetings

  • Next Board Meeting 19th June 2018
  • Junior Umpiring Meeting continues incorporating JUP
  • Junior Committee continues advancing the junior programs
  • Event committee meets every week at this time
  • Competitions Committee Meeting being called to start working through 2019 matters
  • Facilities Management and Building Control Group meets regularly to consider building matters.

Planning and Reviews

  • Working on 6monthly reviews across Membership Satisfaction, Sustained Growth, Competition Support, Financial Performance, Quality Facilities and Events, Pathway Programs and Social Responsibility and Governance.
  • Working towards a Regional Plan for Hockey Development in the Region – including Pezzutti Park and other identified areas – collaborations with Council and others
  • These reviews will be sent to Club Committees when authorized by CHA Board. Clubs can then provide feedback and comment and this will form the basis on 2019 planning
  • 2018-2019 Budget Drafts will begin July 2018
  • 2018-2019 Calendar Drafts will begin July 2018
  • Competition Forums and Workshop revisions are also being assessed by Board and Committees for 2018 Forum scheduled for November 2018

We take this opportunity to thank our ongoing sponsors and supporters across Cairns Hockey in particular all those who will assist us with the upcoming events


Other Matters

  • CHA received small funding for NAIDOC WEEK and we are going to create an art competition and the winning artwork we will incorporate in designs in the new building and improvements on site
  • NQPHN confirmed we received 12-month support funding to deliver a mental health awareness program to our members. 1st July 2018 – 30th June 2019 and we receive $32K support for this. Just an example of how Cairns Hockey is working to become active in the community support space and increases awareness at the same time. Details include
  • Continue to work with Michael Healy – MLA Member for Cairns to highlight the need for longer term solutions to assist reduce risks across Lake Street
  • Warren Entsch MHR Member for Leichardt will be on site 11.30am on Thursday 14th June 2018 to have a look at the improvements and see the Aspire kids in action at the State 12 and Under hockey champs.
  • GET GOING FUNDING- working on application to support increasing indoor hockey capacity and social hockey delivery
  • Submitted a Community Benefits Fund application for $30K towards outfitting the kitchen in the new building
  • This is the time of the year that the majority of our staff are working greater than contracted hours and we use TOIL (time off in lieu) across the next 6 weeks to balance this. Therefore during July and early August  one off office closures might be put in place to align with this.
    • More schools are making application to be part of the Aspire Schools Program locally – another sign that Aspire branding is gaining respect and awareness
    • RIHP Hockey Qld has invited 5 participants from Cairns to the RIHP event down at the Gold Coast 2nd week school holidays. For us we link this with school attendance, good behavior and respect as a reward – working with Cathy Nixon at Cairns West in this regard.
    • We have received a date to meet with the Prime Minister in Canberra to discuss Aspire in August and we are organizing a group of Aspire to attend through the funding. More information to follow.


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