July Update at Cairns Hockey

Competition Committee Update

  • With the introduction of the new FIH Rules of Hockey relating to times of games, the Competitions Committee (cc) was tasked with looking at the format and make up of our 2020 competition.
  • The Rules referred to above are as follows;
  •  Game shall be played in four (4) quarters of 15 minutes each
     Game clock will stop for Penalty Corners, with a maximin of 40 secs allowed
     Game clock will stop when a goal is scored.
  • Taking the above into account, with no adjustment to the current competition format, game conclusion times on a Friday and Saturday night would be extended considerably. Attached document outlines this possibility.
  • Due to the above, it provided a timely occurrence to sit back and look at our “total” competition moving forward.


Two (2) documents were produced to assist the above-mentioned process

1. Schedule of finishing times as mentioned above.
2. Information gathered from the CHA 2019 data base registrations was presented as a forecast of players in possible/probable age groups in 2020.


This section deals more with the possibilities of the grades/divisions of the CHA Competition, not the timing of such.

It is however important to understand that if the 2020 competition does not change in any way then the competition will not be able to adhere to the new timing Rules of FIH.


A, B and C Grade stay as a stable within our competition

Masters stay as is.


 Stay as P1-2, P3-4, P5-6, S4, S3, S2 and S1


 Lowest grade becomes P-1 then P2-4 and so on.


 Move to U7, U9, U11, U13, U16


 U7, U9, U11, U14, U18.

# There are also three different possibilities regarding our underpinning Junior competition.

1. Both boy and girl competitions go to Under 18
2. Girls go to Under 18 and boys stop at Under 16
3. Both genders stop at Under 16

The discussion around point 2 above was to encourage a C Grade Men’s competition.

It also needs to be noted that there can be more than one Division within an age group. There therefore could be for example an Under 18 Division 1 and Division 2 which would replicate our current S1 and S2 competition.


There are numerous options available when looking at the above however of primary consideration was the atmosphere and social inter-action of our players when attending CHA.

Also taken into account is the fact that Social Hockey (sport) is a growth factor and a time slot to increase this participation is required.

In line with the above the following was discussed;

a) Masters moved to 1 night to avail turf on the other night for a new form of Hockey eg Walking Hockey

b) A Grade to a Friday night and therefore Under 18 to Saturday night

c) Under 11 (P5-6) competition split to a Wednesday and Thursday night. This would be on the proviso that Masters does not move. With a current 6/4 competition boys and girls could be played prior to Masters starting.

# this to achieve two results;

i) Avails more time on Saturday for new game times.
ii) Avoids conflict with other Sports and may attract more boys.

d) Possibility of a C Grade Men’s competition at Pezzutti Park or for that matter any form of competition at Pezzutti Park. Maybe a social form of the game or Walking Hockey??


P1-2/Under 7 20 minute halves

P3-4/Under 9 25 minute halves

P5-6/Under 11 If a Saturday possibly 15 minute quarters. If mid-week to accommodate timing of Masters, 30 minute halves.

Under 13/14/16 Where possible 15 minute quarters however no stoppages for corners or goals.

S1/Under 18 If remain on a Friday evening 15 minute quarters. If moved to a Saturday evening and Division 1 are last games then could look at 15 minute quarters with FIH stoppages.

C Grade 15 Minute quarters, no stoppages

B Grade as above

A Grade 15 minute quarters with FIH stoppages.


  • RCD is having with clubs around the competition memo is positive
  • Interested in this conversation, invited to send any feedback to rcd@cairnshockey.com.au
  • Junior discussion with clubs will progress 17th August 2019 next meeting – further engagement
  • CHA Board is talking about all things competition on 20th August 2019 
  • Information sharing on 2020 competition and other matters 12/10/2019

Representative Program 2019

  • Thank you to all the coaches/managers and officials that participated in Under 18, Under 13 State Championship Programs
  • We still have Under 11 to Mackay in August and Karumba in September
  • Under 15’s is September 2019
  • Thanks to all those who assisted during the hosting of the Under 13 Championships in Cairns in July
  • great representation in Qld squads
  • congratulations to all those umpires and tech officials who participated and sought to improve their skills
  • thanks to all the participants and thanks to the parents and families for the support

Cairns Regional Hockey Academy Review

  • Matt Cook has been directed to engage with members and undertake a detailed review of the Academy
  • Looking to create a value for money experience that has whole of year application
  • specialized skill development
  • educational and training development camps
  • this is due for consideration in September 2019

Key Dates

  • Next Board Meeting 20th August 2019 – competition and finals
  • September Board Meeting TBC
  • 12th October 2019 information sharing 2020 workshop for clubs and members
  • 14th October 2019 Board Meeting


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