Cairns Hockey Board met on February 2019 and discussed many different matters. Here is a summary for your information.

It was another full agenda for the Cairns Hockey Board in February 2019 – President – Dr Pozzi opened the discussion on Board Priorities for 2019. It was agreed that there are some significant areas to address and review through 2019.

April Board Meeting 30/4/2019 – Detailed discussion of recruitment, school allocations, junior programs moving forward – this will include all 2019 challenges in relation to school allocations and junior recruitment.

May Board Meeting 28/5/2019 – Review of Strategic Plan, DGR status/ Masters Planning Facilities, Financials/Budgets/Organizational Structure

June 25/6/2019 – Aspire 3year Plans and Delivery of Outcomes

July 23/7/2019 – General Hockey Matters – 2019 Season/Events other matters

  • Facility Resource Document- being confirmed before sharing with members for final review. It will be available 11th March 2019. There will be information in the Technical Bench to contact Board members in case of emergency or extraordinary circumstance by way of support to Tech Officials.
  • There will be additional awareness through the digital platforms on who our Board Members are and information of accessibility to Board Members will be published to broaden communication channels.

2019 Complaint Handling Policy Cairns Hockey aligns with Hockey Australia Member Protection Policy. To support this, Cairns Hockey Board has agreed to implement the following-

  • When a written complaint is received and needs to be addressed in accordance with this policy, the Operations Manager will invite 2 Board Members to address in their discretion
  • These Board Members can finalize the matter or refer the matter or part thereof back to the Board for further action
  • Wayne Dudu, Cheryl Overlack and John Watts made themselves available to assist in this regard

INDOOR COMMITTEE – no nominations received. This is not an ideal time as people involved in Indoor are also involved in field hockey season – Look to identify people and talk to them after Easter about being on this committee – recognized long term strategy is important because it has master planning and funding implications longer term

The HPAG committee was confirmed unanimously as


The Board accepted the following  –
• Current policy in relation to appointment of officials confirmed in November 2018 will continue to be trialed through-out 2019
• HPAG will provide oversight and collect data to ensure it can be measured
• It covers Under 13/15/18 rep teams including Hawthorn Shield and State Championships
• No dispensations to be made in 2019
• Managers omitted from definition of officials under this policy, but assistant coaches remain included within the definition

2019 Rules 
Operations Manager confirmed changes to the Affiliation of Clubs in the 2019 Rules as amended was included for comment and discussion only and was not intended to go through until discussion had been finalized and decisions made. Requested that the old clause be reinstated, and this was accepted unanimously

Cairns Hockey Vice President – Wayne Duda was appointed as Vice President of CHA

New National Data Base and Competition Portal

  • Noted the challenges and frustrations relating to roll out of the new data base from Hockey Australia and Hockey Queensland has been detrimental to the start of the season
  • Noted that is put additional time pressures and frustrations on club volunteers.
  • This has delayed the roll out of Team App which has in turn impacted pre-season planning and training opportunities through lack of anticipated direct access communication.

Finance Matters 

  • Cheryl reported CHA is in a strong position as we start the season, new credit management policy being drafted to assist with the collection of monies owing. This was accepted unanimously
  • 2019 Finance Committee was confirmed as Cheryl Overlack – Chair, Casey Sackley, Michele Annison and Julie McNeil.
  • Agreed unanimously – Representative Program Payments – change for 2019
    On Nomination form – the estimated costs and the sum of a deposit to be paid 7 days after selection will be included so members /parents are informed
    (i) Once selected, accounts will send through an invoice for payment including deposit
    (ii) The amount of the deposit will be equal to 1/2 costs of the plane flight or similar
    (iii)Deposit will be non-refundable
    (iv) CHA can at its discretion refund all or part of the deposit upon application for special circumstances.
  • Cairns Hockey is working on an e commerce platform for direct payments linked to website and this is anticipated to be ready later in the year

CONTAINERS FOR CHANGE – Board reinforced that CHA should be part of this and to promote that all proceeds collected will be used to defray the club contribution for officiating payments in 2019

• Building has been delayed for min 2 weeks and won’t be open for start of season
• Plans are to run from old clubhouse and kiosk until the facility is complete
• Looking like a complete opening in early April
• Facility Management Meeting this week to continue to offer advice and recommendation
• Regular information will be shared by Operations Manager

Aspire to be Deadly Advisory Group
Confirmed the Advisory Group – Stingers – Lynelle Flinders , Souths – Noeleen Ayson , Saints – Natasha Glover , Brothers – Adam Casey , Indigenous Reps Kathy Cochran Rachel Ham Sponsor and Stakeholder Reps – BDO Nth Qld – Tracy Mann and Cairns West State School – Cathy Nixon . This group will look at 3year development plan based on funding outcomes and CHA priorities in this space. First meeting in April 2019

Other Matters
• Discussion on a Marquee event for Cairns – March Agenda
• Sub Committee meetings in full swing
• Ongoing information being compiled on future social programs
• Next meeting Tuesday 26th March 2019

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