Minister Jones has advised that Cairns Hockey was successful in a funding application under the GET OUT GET ACTIVE PROGRAM. This is funding directed at women. I attach a copy of the advice letter.

CTS 10599.17 McNeil

Our application was designed to

“Develop and Deliver a Boot Camp Program that includes the ability to learn a new skill or return to an unused skill – playing hockey targeting women that have disconnected from regular physical activity and produce a multi week program that delivers fitness, fun and new skills and then links to the existing social hockey that is non competitive and non threatening with modified rules and is a low or no cost method of managing a return to regular involvement in sporting activity”

The idea is to get women who are disengaged currently back into physical activity using the hockey facility and our partners.

I believe this is a real opportunity to engage with clubs and get a cross club working party together of interested people to identify what might be the best way to deliver the outcomes and clubs can have the ability to engage prior members as well as encourage new people to the program.

The Queensland Government have policies to support getting women to play and using the funding, Cairns Hockey can work with clubs in planning a pilot for women and then look to make it sustaining by using the data we accumulate and apply it to programs that include everyone in the future.

There is some funding to produce a video and I am hoping we can use this funding to also produce a solid quality local recruitment promotion as well using the women involved in this program as well as others. It is all about value adding.

We are asking for 1 representative from each club (max 2 ) to work with Operations Manager -Julie McNeil  and identified CHA staff and share ideas and work together and deliver a social program that we can work towards offering to everyone in the future. A meeting will need to be convened within the next couple of weeks – so please talk to your club if you want to be involved and have them supply CHA with names and contact details by 10th August 2017.  This is program working group but the main role is to plan the program so all clubs have opportunity to contribute and we have funds to assist in delivery of the project.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact Julie McNeil

Phone 0418880147



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