Thanks for helping and being involved in our Rep Program

Cairns Hockey wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in supporting our 2019 Representative Under 18 and Under 13 program. Coming up over the next 3 weeks we have 3 Under 18 teams travelling to Tweed Border and Townsville and 2 Under 13 Teams travelling to Toowoomba and of course 3 teams of excited Under 13 Girls ready to play tight here in Cairns. Here is a little more about the programs ... [read more]

Calling Nominations for Cairns Hockey Committees

Cairns Hockey is calling for nominations and expression of interest to be part of the Cairns Indoor Hockey Committee. Cairns Hockey is also looking for interested volunteers to form a committee to look at Walking Hockey and other social hockey opportunities. If you are interested, please send an email to advising which committee you might be interested in being part of. Indoor Season begins in October and runs through to December while Walking Hockey Advisory Group is tasked with looking at ways of introducing this format into hockey within the Cairns region. Both of these committees will be supported through Cairns Hockey staff support. ... [read more]

What’s up in June and July at Cairns Hockey

With hockey in full swing - just thought it timely to outline some great events and opportunities available through Cairns Hockey. We have a few weeks of local club hockey before we embark on representative events during the school holidays. We have 2 events in Cairns within the next 5 weeks Secondary School Girls Hockey as well as Under 13 State Champs for girls so its all hands on deck as we aim to deliver fantastic experiences. Thanks to the clubs and our volunteers for assisting us and thanks to the Cairns Hockey staff who work tirelessly through grounds, food and beverage services, competition and game services, rep program and talent pathways. Lets work together to really showcase the great game of hockey together ... [read more]

GBRMG Hockey – Reef and Rainforest – Cairns Hockey reflects on highlighting our 2 world heritage sites located side by side.

We welcome GBRMG competitors to Cairns and a special welcome to those playing in the hockey competition. Every where you look across the Cairns region, the many shades of green, blue and gold are seen reflecting the Reef and Rainforest that surround us. It was a very easy choice to name the Cairns Hockey Turfs - Reef and Rainforest. The Reef Turf is closest to the Reef and the Rainforest Turf is closest to the Rainforest. No-where in the world is there 2 World Heritage listed areas next to each other - and no-where else in the world are these World Heritage listed areas aligned with an indigenous culture that can trace ancestors back 65,000 years. We are truly blessed and that is why Cairns Hockey has chosen to align its branding with the Reef and the Rainforest. As we host Great Barrier Reef Masters Games - we welcome our friends to the Reef and the Rainforest Turfs. Cairns Hockey is proud of our connection with the Reef and the Rainforest. We hope you enjoy your time with us ... [read more]

Everything Hawthorn Shield 2019 – 18th and 19th May 2019

Cairns Hockey is getting ready for Hawthorn Shield this week. We will be updating and sharing information all this week. Version 3 draw is included but FINAL DRAW is expected by Wednesday so we will amend and publish the final draw along with umpires and officials once its finalized. Managers- remember uniforms available at the office - contact Megan to collect on 40532308. Canteen Menu for the weekend will be published in full on Thursday - thanks to Souths and Stingers clubs for taking advantage of fund raising opportunities. We will continue to update all things Hawthorn during the week. Remember - only the Main entrance will be open during Hawthorn Shield so plan accordingly. MAIN GAMES - Senior Women's Game 5.30pm and Senior Men's game 7.55pm on Reef Turf on Saturday and 12noon for Senior Women and 1.25pm for Senior Men on Sunday. ... [read more]

Cairns Hockey – Aspire to be Deadly $2 million funding boost announced

Warren Entsch announced this morning that the coalition government has committed $2 million to improve the health, wellbeing and opportunities for young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls and women from remote communities in Far North Queensland. The investment in Cairns Hockey, who operates the ‘Aspire to be Deadly’ project, will support young women to make positive life choices, and broaden their opportunities. “Warren’s continued support has enabled this increased funding which gives ‘Aspire to be Deadly’ the ability to expand the vision once again and allows us to deliver sustainable growth programs for the emerging leaders,” Dr Pozzi said. We also recognize that this opportunity is the culmination of many years of commitment in this space for Cairns Hockey – most of the current cairns hockey community is not completely aware of the long history and the leadership Cairns Hockey has around this program and we take the opportunity to thank those who were courageous all those years ago when an indigenous support program was just a conversation between Julie McNeil and the members of Cairns Hockey including Narelle Carroll, Nick Hardy, Diedre Ford, Garry West Bail, David McNeil, later supported by Murray Bain as GM of Cairns Hockey. Wes Ferns was the first development officer to work in this space in Queensland. We also must recognize the commitment and the support of current and previous Cairns Hockey Boards in particular former President Scott Brown when challenged on Cairns Hockey validity to be in this space back in 2015. It is an appropriate time to acknowledge everyone past and present who have been active in this program and has helped us to this place in time ... [read more]

Looking ahead to May at Cairns Hockey

Its an action packed month of May at Cairns Hockey with local competition combining with events to provide added opportunity to participate, to support and to promote our great game. We are calling out for volunteers to assist, clubs to be involved in fund raising opportunities and generally we are trying to work together to obtain the best results possible. We have rep teams training and preparing for Hawthorn Shield, we are working through completing the last 5% of the improvements across the facility, we are looking to support local clubs future development opportunities and we are seeking to always increase the profile of our sport and promote and encourage people to be involved in hockey across Cairns. Lots more information to come ... [read more]

Cairns Hockey Facility Upgrade Opened 13th April 2019

It was a great night at Cairns Hockey last Saturday evening 13th April 2019 when Warren Entsch MHR Member for Leichhardt and Dr Robert Pozzi, President of Cairns Hockey Association opened the new $2.7m upgraded facilities made posssible from a grant from the australian government. It was an opportunity for past and current members and supporters of hockey across the region to join together and test out the new facility. Thanks to Mark Knowles Olympian who joined with us to celebrate this great occassion. ... [read more]

Cairns Hockey – Community Support – Community Collaboration

Through its 92 years plus of delivering and supporting hockey across the region, Cairns Hockey has always been a leader in the inclusive commitment the hockey community has to help each other and the cairns community as a whole. As we celebrate and lead to the opening of the new upgraded facility - it is a great time to also celebrate the value added benefits cairns Hockey offers to its members and the inclusive programs what support the community of Cairns. Currently Cairns Hockey is involved directly with these community benefit programs Aspire to be Deadly - Learn Well- Live Well - Lead Well -Road Safety - A Promise to Stay Safe and Livin For Hockey and NQPHN State of Mind support Program ... [read more]

Notice of Disruption at CHA Office this week

Its MOVING WEEK at Cairns Hockey and as a result a lot of disruption to be ready for the Official Opening this weekend. We are working hard to ensure the walkway is open and no more separation on site . As you can see there is a significant amount of coordination and organization to be done this week. We will be doing our best to have some-one at the CHA office available however at times there may be occasions that the office is closed for short periods of time. We apologize in advance if this causes any inconvenience, but we urge you this week to call first before coming into the office to ensure some-one will the in attendance.We will be checking emails on a daily basis and please send through to and to ensure we can address any matter. ... [read more]

What's on at Cairns Hockey

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Under 13 Girls State Hockey Champs
Cairns Hockey Association, Cairns Queensland

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