180919 Cairns Hockey Masterplan

Building Update

• Stage 1 – Amenities Block is about 3-4 weeks away from handover
• Stage 2 – Pumps and Pipes completion is about 4 weeks away from handover
• Stage 3 – Building is at its preliminary stages
Attached are the updated plans for the building and master planning across the facility

The Board made a decision to deliver this project in a staged process to ensure the budgets can be managed in a reasonable manner
Operations Manager continues to represent the Board and oversees this project with the support of the Facility Management Team. Operations Manager continues to work through all aspects of the planning to identify how to finish off the project to provide value adding benefit to all memberships.

The Board members have inspected the Amenities Block and are very pleased with the progress.

The Board is working to have an opening in mid-march. The Board believes an Opening should be linked with a social/competition event of some sort and will be working with competitions committee to include this in the calendar. If clubs have any ideas for this event, please send through to Operations Manager and she will pass onto relevant committees for ongoing consideration. The Board will include the Opening as a topic for the Forum in November

Michael Healy MP visited  the site today and Cairns Hockey Board is working with all levels of government to ensure Cairns Hockey is advancing and identifying future areas where governments can be of assistance.

  • Cairns Hockey has ongoing dialogue in this area as part of the Facility Management Plans submitted an application for funding under Community Benefits to assist upgrade of kitchen was approved
  • submitted an application for funding under Community Benefits Commemorative Fund to support the completion of the LIVIN FOR HOCKEY COMMUNITY HOCKEY HUB HILL to support the plans to erect a BBQ area and fundraising space

Building will commence very soon

Thanks to the Facility Management Team and all those who are assisting this project

Thanks to Keir Constructions – Russell Keir and his team for the support this far through the project

Representative Programs

Karumba Development Tour

  • Under 11 Development Squad is in Karumba at the moment and feedback confirms they are having a great team
  • Lots of teams playing hockey from all over the Gulf
  • Mount Isa Hockey travelled this year to join in the fun
  • This is an area where Aspire to be Deadly Program meets the mainstream hockey program and the benefits continue to exceed expectations
  • we  are sending through Facebook posts
  • This squad is back Friday night

Summer Programs

Everything you need to know about the Summer Programs being offered can be found at

2018 U11 U13 Academy



2018 Indoor Player Nomination Forms

Summer Sixes


Cairns Indoor Rep Program Update


Nomination form Coaches & Managers

Nomination form Players

Cairns Hockey Board Summary

Board Summary

The Board continues to work through reviews of 2018 and plans for 2019

Complaints and Investigations
The Board is investigating a number of matters and have implemented its member protection policies and on advice, it is working through a process to ensure all parties rights are protected through the process. The Board Members themselves are managing these issues. The Board is treating this matter as serious and a priority. The Board will be making no further comment until these matters are finalized.

Sub Committees
Competition Committee minutes has been forwarded to Clubs – waiting on draft 2019 Calendar to be produced
As CHA moves forward towards 2019, Board confirmed that Competitions Committee should have oversight of the following sub committees
(i) Junior Committee
(ii) Officiating Committee
(iii) Indoor Committee

As part of the oversight, it is the intention to work towards the position where each sub- committee will send through minutes and recommendations to competitions committee for their consideration. It will then be actioned further. There is some work to be done to ensure we respect the respective roles and make oversight practical and beneficial to Cairns Hockey not complex and draining.

Junior Committee met last Monday and we have followed this process. Minutes have been sent to clubs along with some commentary from competitions committee. Junior Committee surveyed the P-4 parents and a copy of this survey will be shared in due course.

Officiating Committee PowerPoint has been shared for comment. A survey has been completed and we will share the results of this survey in due course.

With the commitment of Cairns Hockey to support Indoor Hockey, an Indoor Committee is being refreshed and Cairns Hockey will work with the Indoor Committee to determine a fresh Term of Reference, Roles and outcomes. Thereafter it will be included in the oversight of competitions committee and committee minutes will be sent to competitions committee and then distributed. Indoor Rep Teams will need to follow the usual Cairns Hockey processes in respect to appointment and selections processes.

In 2019, the Finance Committee will be refreshed and Terms of References are being redrafted and considered. This Committee will report directly to the Board through the Director of Finance. More information will be shared in due course.

Currently Cairns Hockey has an Event Committee chaired by Karen Cockrem and its role is to assist in delivering the events hosted by Cairns Hockey. In 2019 the following events are confirmed
(i) Opening Event – TBC
(ii) Hawthorn Shield – May 2019
(iii) GBRMG – May 2019
(iv) Under 19 Girls Schools State Champ – June 2019
(v) Under 13 Girls State Champs – July 2019

DCM – Destination Cairns Marketing is the company we have engaged to assist teams travelling to Cairns to obtain accommodation and other services and agreement confirms a commission back to Cairns Hockey. We continue to work with Hockey Qld to try and maximize these opportunities

In addition, competitions committee is working to limit disruption to local competition.

Cairns Hockey also has invited and received positive response to a committee LIVIN FOR HOCKEY that will assist in delivering the funding support for mental health messaging across the community. This is driven through the outcomes identified in the funding grants. All this information has been previously distributed to clubs

New Governance Discussions 

  1. Board reviewed the feedback received and can confirm this matter is in a period of discussion and debate and there is no established timetable for implementation set. Any inference to the contrary is not correct
  2. The Board reinforces its position that this matter should be progressed with face to face representation from clubs and Board to work through the changes and impact and the timing and direction of the next step depends on these conversations.
  3. To be clear, there is no plan whatsoever to complete these conversations before the AGM. Cairns Hockey has processes to call special meetings if and when we are ready to implement any changes – so there is no pressure. It was however important to start this conversation.
  4. Board is supportive of the member change from individuals to clubs. In a practical manner, the Board works with club committee at present to discuss all ranges of issues on behalf of its members – finance, competition formats and rules, recruitment and higher performance matters and believes it is a reasonable step that clubs rather than members are empowered to vote on board members/financial reports and other matters.
  5. The Member Terms is a document which identified minimum standards to build capacity and support sustaining growth. As Cairns Hockey is required to sign Member Terms to Hockey Queensland to the same effect – supporting minimum standards, the Board thought it appropriate and best practice to progress this document to local clubs.
  6. There is no intention to change financial obligations. Currently clubs discuss with CHA and secure an agreement on how player fees are paid. There may be need to clarify matters and again this will be discussed during the face to face meeting. More discussion can also take place on how directors are voted on – who is eligible to be a director – the intent was to prioritize hockey players/supporters as Board Directors and as we progress these conversations, there might well be need to include specific wording around this area.
  7. The Board is supportive of the ability for the Board to appoint a director to obtain a required skill set or where the Board believes it beneficial to hockey. Currently to have voting rights – Board Members must be elected and if an invitation is extended to some-one to attend Board meetings currently they cannot vote. The Board feels it is time to offer a full position to a person invited to assist hockey through a set on the Board.
  8. The Board confirms its support of all 7strategic pillars and believes this process will make Cairns Hockey stronger not weaker. If there are areas of game and competition that need to be strengthened, this will happen regardless of the new governance processes. In fact, Cairns Board has been looking at these issues as part of the review and is waiting for the 2019 calendar to look at lengths of the competition to name one. The Board will under a separate cover detail the discussions on a Higher Performance Advisory Group to look at Talent Pathways/Academy and Rep Programs which again supports the strategic direction and is not compromised at all with the new governance proposed.

Financial Matters
• 30th September is end of Cairns Hockey Financial Year and with the added commitments of Indoor/Summer 6’s and Academy, progressing subsequent year budgets, Under 15 State Championships and this year with the extra building commitments, the Board appreciates the volume of work on staff and the pressure to meet requirements generally.
• There was a long debate on the pro and cons on possible changing financial year regardless of what formation structure Cairns Hockey ultimately decide for these reasons in particular.
• Board assesses detailed financials each month and believes the financial position of Cairns Hockey at the end of the current financial year will be solid.
• Very supportive of the reporting and the individual details relating all aspects of the business.
• Cairns Hockey continues to grow its revenue (not including improvements funding) and will report on over $1m operational revenue and expenses.
• Financial Matters need to be finalized as soon as practical after 30th September 2018 so they can be forwarded to auditor and auditor can undertake his report and have the completed report done by 12th December 2018.
• The Board looked at the first draft of the budget for 209 and through the detailed examination, it has crystalized the budget priorities as follows
(i) Completing the Facility
(ii) Resourcing an opening of the facility that can bring value added benefits
(iii) Minimal increases to fees and charges
(iv) Discounts to specific areas to promote growth
(v) Review definition of family for discount purposes
(vi) Growth strategies and resources supporting programs
(vii) Supporting Pezzutti Park and further regional commitments
(viii) Impact on funding – Aspire and other funding support and reviewing staffing structures drive strategic outcomes
(ix) Building Capacity
• The Board continues to work through the budget, will await the calendar for 2019 and then be in a position to send through the draft budget and draft schedule of fees after the October 16th meeting. There will be detailed notes attached. The Board will then ensure there is provision for some discussion on this at the November Forum if required. Feedback is always welcome
• The Board thanks Casey Sackley for her oversight of Cairns Hockey accounts.

Imported Players

  1. Review meeting with clubs involved in the program will be held and Board spent significant time working through the benefits and challenges faced through Cairns Hockey.
  2. Looked at the program across all aspects and concluded that despite some significant challenges there was a net positive to the program but moving forward, changes will be made from the 2018 program but no decision will be made until after the formal review meeting.
  3. Board identified areas where more clarity is required and will discuss this with the clubs involved in 2018
  4. Once the 2019 program is settled, all clubs will be invited to participate and the conditions around the participation will be outlined in the invitations.

Club/Member Forum

  1. Board has changed Member/Club Forum dates due unavailable of President and other members.
  2. The Board believes it important that President is available to attend and drive these discussions
  3. The new date is 24th November 2018.
  4. The agenda will be confirmed by the Board at the 16th October 2018 Board Meeting.
  5. At this stage proposed agenda topics include but are not limited to
    (i) Club Engagement – see previous letter distributed asked for club presentations
    (ii) Building Capacity – Officiating/ Volunteer Engagement Programs/ Higher Performance Advisory Group and impact on Academy/Rep Teams and Higher Performance – players/coaches/officiating
    (iii) General Areas – Finance/Facility/Competition – senior/junior/masters??/Events
    (iv) Governance – communication, review of processes, reporting and more conversation about proposed changes to Cairns Hockey and the minimum terms/financial year and impact of this
  6. The Forum will be held at the Cairns Hockey Clubhouse so the impact of the building can be observed and possible inspections. Thank you drinks and nibbles will be available at the end of the day in appreciation
  7. Clubs are welcome to send through to Operations Manager any agenda items for the Board to consider. The draft agenda will be finalized by Thursday 11th October 2018 so please have any requests received prior to 11th October 2018.

Annual General Meeting 2018
• Wednesday 12th December 2018 at 6pm is the anticipated date at this time
• 2 Board Directors terms expire – Karen Cockrem and Miles Dickson
• Karen has expressed her interest in being available to return to the Board for a further 2 year term
• Director of Finance nominated by Board and AGM is asked to endorse annually
• Delivers Annual Report
• Delivers Audited Financial Reports
• Notices of the meeting will be published 1 month before asking for nominations/special business/life memberships
• 14 days to submit nominations etc.
• 7 days prior to AGM all Board nominations are published along with any other relevant information



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