Cairns Hockey mixes it with the best from around the world at Beyond Sport Summit and Awards

Cairns Hockey has been announced as a short listed finalist in 2017 BEYOND SPORT AWARDS .

THE AWARDS are being held at the ONE WORLD TRADE CENTRE – NEW YORK adjacent to the site of the WORLD TRADE CENTRE TWIN TOWERS

One World Observatory™ is located at One World Trade Center in the Northwest corner of the World Trade Center site and is bordered by West Street to the West, Vesey Street to the North and Liberty Street to the South.
The street address is:
One World Trade Center
285 Fulton Street
New York, New York, 10007
Entrance on West Street
Call Center Hours: Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm
At the corner of West and Vesey Streets

It becomes one of the 37 shortlisted organizations highlight a diverse portfolio of work, from organizations raising awareness of endangered marine habitats through sailing with fishermen in Vietnam; to the use of triathlon in empowering adolescent girls in Long Island; to a ground-breaking digital media training program which uses football to provide underserved youth with the skills, support and a public platform to make their voices heard. This year’s shortlist represents issues such as: health, gender, STEM education, equality, climate change, accessibility and inclusion, tech and employability.

Cairns Hockey is now in the running to share in over $200,000.00 worth of prizes. Aspire to be Deadly is being recognized as best practice around the world and a huge congratulations should go to everyone who assists and supports the delivery and growth of this program

BEYOND SPORT funds one representative to the Awards and Summit and Cairns Hockey has confirmed that with the additional monies it has received through the Aspire Program and its supporters in 2017, as part of professional and personal development, a further 2 representatives are attending.

Cairns Hockey has already won the Queensland Government Reconciliation Award for Community in June 2017 and received recognition for the work our program is doing empowering young indigenous women and girls using hockey as the tool to drive positive outcomes in education, employment and well-being.

This is a great opportunity to share experiences and learn from best practice programs to build sustainability

Highlights in 2017

1. Broadening and Strengthening Collaborations and Partnerships
(i) 18 Community Partnerships
(ii) 20 Aspire School Programs
(iii) 7 business partners
(iv) 2 significant corporate partners
(v) Expanding hockey community support

These collaborations and partnerships engage and empower indigenous young women and girls to become active leaders and achieve positive outcomes across education, employment and improve health and well-being through hockey and physical activity. It has also developed and strengthened the Indigenous Mentor Support Program and this program has

  1. Mentor support and active participation programs to 35 participants in 2016/2017 through intensive pathway opportunities in education, employment becoming visible role models and leaders in their communities
  2. Increasing school attendance to 90% and above through Aspire to be Deadly Program participation
  3. Delivered  regular interactive workshops and training programs to better communicate and support – healthy and positive life style choices, reduction of smoking, binge drinking, drug related challenges and bullying. Over 30 training programs and workshops interactive and role playing. This also includes workshops and sessions with Fit 360 an Aspire program partner.
  4. Delivery of career pathway and future choices program through partnerships with BDO North Queensland, Tafe North and Cairns West State School and Cairns High Hockey excellence program.
  5. Collaborated with Just Hockey, school and community to involve participants to increase knowledge and respect for culture and traditions through
  6. Coordinated Cross Cultural Awareness Training through partners and their members to broaden understanding
  7. Incorporated traditional language in events and special programs to highlight the uniqueness of tradition and culture such as MIGI KOKAN HOCKEY FESTIVAL
  8. Continued to support the delivery of  hockey coaching and training in local languages to ensure it is easier for parents and volunteers to become involved
  9. Involve local indigenous female artists in creating prizes and promotional shirts and other design including art on hockey balls and sticks to increase the awareness of combining sport and culture
  10. BDO Nth Qld Aspire to be Deadly has created a family and parent friendly – Aspire Me – Aspire You which is designed to
    (i) Outline and communicate the essential elements of the Aspire Program
    (ii) Delivery of introduction to hockey sessions
    (iii) Involve parents as managers and local supporters – collection of data and other tasks to build ownership and understanding – 70% are women – currently there is over 30 plus volunteer support from family and friends
  11. 5 regional events have been organized to highlight indigenous young women and girls in Ambassador and Role Models and recognize the leaders programs embedded in Aspire to be Deadly and incorporate ROLE MODEL including those in the INDIGENOUS MENTOR SUPPORT PROGRAM
  12. Continuing to complete a data base that captures the number of indigenous people participating in these and partner programs



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