Cairns Hockey December Update

Thank you everyone for your assistance and support in 2018.

The Cairns Hockey Board Meeting Summary of matters are set out below and we hope this assists in sharing information to members and clubs.

2019 Club Recruitment Support, Schools and Come and Try Plans

Meeting for Clubs and Supporters 5.30pm on Thursday 6th December at Cairns Hockey Clubhouse to discuss these preliminary plans. Everyone welcome

  • Cairns Hockey has begun its 2019 Recruitment through ongoing collaboration with schools and delivering hockey clinics in Term 4
  • Information has been sent to schools requesting time to attend schools and promote the 2019 Introduction and Come and Try Programs
  • Cairns Hockey staff will be working in January to deliver posters and signs promoting Come and Try and Sign On Days
  • Cairns Hockey has had preliminary meetings with Star 102.7 and a media support package valued at over $24K has been agreed to and will be delivered through Star102.7 and 4CA. Star 102.7 will produce radio ads and promotions and will broadcast them in a period 10-14 days leading up to key events including our Sign On, Events and Come and Try
  • Cairns Hockey will produce information and shared with clubs and we hope clubs will use their connections with schools to have the information included in newsletters and other sites
  • Cairns Hockey will also run a social media promotion and will link into the Hockey Qld promotion which we will share when we have particulars and confirmation from Hockey Qld

Recruitment Schedule 2019

  • 2nd Feb 2019 Club workshops and sharing information, upskilling of junior coaches and officials
  • This will be supported by a COME AND PLAY HOCKEY FOR FREE IN FEBRUARY when Cairns Hockey will be delivering Junior Come and Try Clinics on Friday afternoon for free during the month of 1st,8th 15th 22nd and 1st March 2019.
  • Cairns Biggest Sign On 16th Feb 2019
  • CAIRNS HOCKEY WILL HAVE A OPEN DAY/HOCKEY EXPO on Friday 22 February 2019 which will also be the sign on for P Programs – No charge for attending but there will be an Introductory Pack available for a set fee that can be purchased – promotion and organization of this Open Day (like the old Hook in2 Hockey) will driven through Cairns Hockey and we invite the clubs to collaborate and support this opportunity
  • It is anticipated before sign on and at sign on Clubs can assist in fun skills and drills and small sided games to introduce young people to the sport will be delivered and directed through Cairns Hockey and after sign on the clubs can be in attendance and use the time to also assist in getting teams confirmed and mentor programs for community coach upskilling will be available.
  • This will all lead into the opening of the new facilities on 8th March 2019 when there will be opportunity to play exhibition and fun matches with parents/ with older players – all this is to be confirmed

2019 Board Meeting

  • Cairns Hockey first Board meeting for 2019 will be held on Tuesday January 28th 2019 at 6pm
  • If Clubs have any matters requiring discussion, please send through to the operations manager by 24th January 2019.
  • The recent Board meeting confirmed the reviews taking place and directed to progress the refreshed practices and have them available for the 2019 hockey year. Information on this in detail will be shared at the forum on the 2nd February 2019
  • Miles Dickson – Board Member and Casey Sackley Director of Finance are both retiring from their respective Board Positions and we recognize and acknowledge the skills and experience both these professionals bought to the Cairns Hockey Board. We thank them sincerely for their service and wish them well. Both will be attending the AGM and I hope the members will acknowledge their contribution at that time.
  • Janice is currently on leave and on her return she will update the 2019 calendar and we will make it available on website and send through to clubs for their attention
  • Hockey Queensland will be implementing an updated version of One Sport and Janice and CHA staff will be undertaking training and then we will be able to share with club representatives.
  • We are hopeful the Hockey Qld training will be completed by 2nd February and we can schedule Data Base and Competition Portal training at the club forum on 2nd February 2019

AGM Information

AGM will be held at 6pm on Wednesday 12th November 2018 – upstairs in the old clubhouse. Please join us for a Christmas drink after the meeting

All you need to know on the AGM can be found at

Looking forward to seeing you there.



  • We have been working with Team App to develop the Cairns Hockey Team App.
  • This will be compatible with existing club team apps being used and will value add
  • It is designed to assist with communication and information sharing direct to members
  • It is designed to support committee functions and education and training opportunities
  • It is designed to assist with representative and talent pathway programs, competition matters and events and promotion
  • We will continue to create this in January 2019 and will be available for roll out at the forum on the 2nd February 2019
  • At this stage refer any questions to Megan at Cairns Hockey office


Cairns Hockey Opening is anticipated to be Saturday 9th March 2019 and we are looking to celebrate the opening of the new facilities and the 2019 year ahead. We will be sending out information through-out January 2019 to involve clubs in this event. A draft schedule will be available at the forum 2nd February 2019 and we can discuss and confirm details at that time

2019 Club Workshop

The rescheduled Forum will be held at Cairns Hockey on 2nd February 2019 and Cairns Hockey Board has confirmed this will be a forum where information is shared and discussed on how programs, committees, events, rules etc are administered. Cairns Hockey believes it is an opportunity to invite your membership to be upskilled in areas they have some interest and will be conducting officiating, coaching and data base training as part of this forum. A draft agenda will be sent through as soon as possible. There will be time to share and clarify any issues regarding the Recruitment Plans, Opening of the Cairns Hockey Facility, events, and new HPAG committee and talent pathways programs.
This Forum will not be designed for future planning. We will settle a future date for this future planning forum on the day.

Feedback Open State Championships 2019

Cairns Hockey thanks everyone who shared their view on the Open Championships 2019 Options provided by Hockey Queensland. Option 3 was submitted as Cairns Hockey Choice and we copied all centres to share our views. We will advise once Hockey Queensland makes their determination.

Imported Players Program

• After the 2018 Review Meeting , invitations were sent to all clubs to be involved in 2019. This included detailed MOU documents and draft contracts and information was submitted to clubs for consideration and confirmation.
• Trinity Stingers and Brothers Clubs will be involved directly in the Imported Players Program in 2019
• Souths Club are negotiating independently to try and secure the services of Peter and Heather from2018
• Saints Club did not respond

Currently identification of imported players is happening as we speak and it is pleasing to see quality applicants wanting to come to Cairns and spend some-time playing hockey

Financials 2018-2019

  • Cairns Hockey Board confirmed the 2018-2019 financial position as strong
  • Cairns Hockey Board has adopted a detailed budget from which the strategic outcomes will be driven Information can be found at under 2019 Cairns Hockey Information
  • Cairns Hockey auditor delivered a positive report on the 2017-2018 financial records and will produce a final audited report at the AGM
  • Building Grants have been acquitted to date and new claims are pending
  • Cairns Hockey confirmed that over a 30 month period since Operations Manager has been with Cairns Hockey, the association has benefited from the $670K program support funding and $2.7m facility improvement funding a total of $3.36million dollars of support. This does not include the new Aspire funding. Notification has been received that Cairns Hockey received a best practice assessment from the Federal Government and one of the higher positive independent assessments relating to the delivery of the program, its governance, reporting, collaboration and financial compliance. As a result it has been rewarded with an offer of 3 year secured funding 2019,2020 and 2021. Final agreement is being negotiated and outcomes have not been confirmed as yet Immediately they are confirmed a report will be provided on the program, its outcomes and delivery opportunities. It is anticipated the funding will be applied to supporting school attendance programs and our collaborations will be remote communities as well as cairns regional identified schools and a possible Grade 7 transition programs to be developed.
  • Cairns Hockey made application and was successful in receiving GET GOING funding for developing participation initiatives across Indoor and Summer 6’s social hockey. The Indoor committee has been advised of the funding and the Board is looking to create a 2 year development plan
    for Indoor to support this format of the game longer term.

2019 Committees and Sub Committees

Cairns Hockey Board has reviewed our sub committee structure and believes committee and sub-committees are important to ensure the association provides opportunity for members and clubs to take an active role in delivering a successful hockey program and competition. Cairns Hockey acknowledges the commitment volunteers provide in this structure and we thank them sincerely for their service to hockey in the Cairns region. The timetable for 2019 regarding the confirmation of Committees in 2019 is as follows-

Competition Committee – Chair – David McNeil

  • Clubs will confirm their appointments to the 2019 competitions committee if not already been done
  • Competition Rep to Officiating is Terry Brodin
  • Competition Rep to Junior Committee is Kate Borger
  • There will be a competition rep appointed to Indoor Committee in January 2019 as part of the focus on Indoor in early 201
  • These representatives will support the focus on improving communication, governance and transparency within the committee structure, board, clubs and members and is designed to begin to address some of he challenges identified in 2018
  • 2019 Competition Rules will be available for comment in January 2019
  • Clubs will be briefed on the role of the competitions committee at the 2nd Feb Workshop.
  • The 2019 refreshed calendar will be available very soon with the season commencing 13th-17th March 2019

Sub Committees of Competition include

Officiating Committee – Chair – Bruce Jones Walker

  • Appointments to this committee will be confirmed in 2019
  • This committee has identified their priorities for 2019 and through a Memo sent in November 2019 to Clubs, these outcomes were identified and draft plans were shared.
  • No feedback was received from clubs seeking any further consultation relating the shared information
  • Clubs will be further briefed on the rollout of the officiating programs for 2019 at the club forum 2nd February 2019Indoor Committee – Chair – To be confirmed

Indoor Hockey Committee

Cairns Hockey Board has identified Indoor as a possible growth area for hockey in the region and will work to refresh the Indoor Committee to ensure we can continue to support the growth of this format of the sport.

  • To support participation and growth strategies, Cairns Hockey applied for and received some funding support for 2019
  • Indoor Committee has been notified
  • First step is to convene a meeting of interested people in the growth of Indoor Hockey and work to create a 2 year Development Plan including governance, facility advancement, participation recruitment, promotion, talent pathways and education and training support.
  • Cairns Hockey will promote this initiative in early 2019 and seek involvement from interested people.
  • Clubs will also be briefed on this 2019 initiative at the 2nd Feb Club Forum
  • The Board will appoint a chair to the Indoor Committee in 2019 and call for nominations to be on this committee.

Junior Co-ordinator Committee – Chair – Vicky Sparkes

  • Cairns Hockey Clubs will advise their representatives to this committee in 2019
  • Cairns Hockey has confirmed some key dates relating to Junior Program Recruitment and Promotion and the details are highlighted further in this email
  • Meetings will be confirmed in 2019 to drive the competition
  • The Cairns Hockey Board will be asking clubs to take part in the review of Junior Programs taking into consideration the results of reviewed Hook in2 Hockey Programs through Hockey Australia and Hockey Queensland as it is important to review, develop and deliver Introductory Programs to achieve maximum outcomes
  • Cairns Hockey has made contact with Saints Club regarding the opportunities at Pezzutti Park and is open to speak with any other clubs with Junior Development Plans that identify a hockey hub to deliver satellite programs.
  • Clubs will be briefed fully on the delivery of 2019 Programs at the club forum 2nd Feb 2019 in the meantime, Cairns Hockey will continue to share information as it develops.

High Performance Advisory Group – Chair – John Watts

This is a new committee to Cairns Hockey and is still finalizing plans and terms of reference. The Board has confirmed the new committee.

  • This new committee is designed to support the refreshed Talent Pathways and Representative Programs developed and delivered through Cairns Hockey
  • Nominations to be part of this committee will be opened in January 2019 and shared to clubs and members
  • More information and a full briefing will be shared at the Club Forum on the 2nd February 2019

Events Committee – Chair – Karen Cochrem

This committee drives the Events being hosted at Cairns Hockey and includes
• Opening Celebrations – planned for 9th March 2019
• Hawthorn Shield – 18th and 19th May 2019
• Great Barrier Reef Masters Games – 25th May 2019
• Under 19 School Girls State Championships – 12th – 14th June 2019
• Under 13 Hockey Qld State Championships 7th – 10th July 2019
• Grand Final Week
Cairns Hockey Events Committee will seek volunteers to assist in these above events and more information will be sent through as we progress the 2019 Hockey Calendar

Facility Management Team – Chair – Julie McNeil

• This committee consists of Mark Fry, Nick Hardy and Greg Gilboy (all Life Members), Phil Druery and Ken Norman and all have worked very hard and shared and volunteered their time, skills and experience to assist in the delivery of the facility improvements and Master Plans
• This committee is designed to provide advice and recommendation to the Board in relation to the overall advancement of the facility and assists and supports Operations Manager of Facility Master Improvement Plans and Maintenance Plans and Supervision
• This committee remains active and assists with specific construction and design advice to incorporate into funding applications which Cairns Hockey applies for as part of its ongoing future plans.
• It has been a busy 2018 and 2019 will remain busy until the current facility project is completed
More information will be send through regarding each committee in due course.



Cairns Hockey Board adopted the template Judiciary Rules used by Hockey Queensland to support uniformity within Queensland. Cairns Hockey Judiciary is appointed by the CHA Board to exercise its duties. The schedule of penalties is being reviewed and will be presented to clubs for comment in early 2019. The adopted Judiciary Rules for CHA 2019 is attached hereto.


Office Closure

• Cairns Hockey Office will close on 19th December 2018 at 1pm and will re-open at 10am on Monday 7th January 2019
• Cairns Hockey invites all members of club committees to join them for a Christmas Drink at the Edge Hill Bowls Club 3pm and join us in some barefoot bowls. For catering purposes, please RSVP to the office by the 17th December 2018 if you would like to join us.
• Best wishes for the Christmas and New Year Period.

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