Cairns Hockey Aspire to be Deadly- COVID 19 update

COVID 19 Information

What is Cairns Hockey Aspire to be Deadly Indigenous Program?

A sustainable community development program using the ‘true’ gender equity sport of hockey as the platform to BUILD CAPACITY, DELIVER COMMUNITY SUPPORT & INCREASE PHYSICAL CONFIDENCE through education, well-being, leadership, and partnerships through LIVE WELL LEARN WELL LEAD WELL.


In collaboration with our valued partners, we will achieve NIAA end of program outcomes at the local community level including:
• Sport programs attract and retain indigenous young women and girls and their families and deliver mentor, leadership, and skill development programs to encourage our participants to stay at school, identify future employment and career pathways and becomes the young leaders of the future.
• Sport organisation such as Cairns Hockey is safe, inclusive, and accessible.
• Cairns Hockey Aspire to be Deadly and its partners in the region, state, and national space use sport to strengthen relationships and build closer collaborations


Aspire to be Deadly aligns with the following global sustainable development goals

Goal 3. Good Health & Well Being ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all ages
Goal 4. Quality Education… ensure inclusive & equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all
Goal 5. Gender Equality… achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.
Goal 8. Decent Work & Economic Growth… promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment, and decent work for all
Goal 10. Reduced Inequality… reduce inequality for indigenous young women and girl
Goal 16. Peace & Justice Strong Institutions… promote peaceful and inclusive communities sustainable development
Goal 17. Partnerships to Achieve the Goal… strengthen the means of implementation and revitalise the regional. State and national partnership

What Aspire to be Deadly brings forward?

  • The Aspire to be Deadly brand is becoming respected and recognized. Live Well Learn Well Lead Well is emerging as a strong support value to the overall brand.
  • This Program does align with education and school outcomes and with the work we are doing with the resource support, there is real opportunity to spread this model program nation-wide with the support of Hockey Australia and we feel Hockey Australia has an appetite for this.
  • Investment in our internal education and training programs through Aspire focusing on our mentors and young female leaders is paying dividends and this support program is ensuring we have strong indigenous young women as role models
  • Increased awareness is providing the platform to bring more parents and family into the program and aligning with school programs where parents are invited assist and provide value adding opportunities.
  • Our collaborative partners are becoming more aware of the positive outcomes being achieved and are becoming more invested locally with ancillary support.
  • Hockey Australia and Oceania Hockey are beginning to see the application of this program nationally and internationally.
  • School to Club programs will be the next pathway and this initiative has provided a positive focus. Transport is the biggest barrier and we worked hard to raise funds for a bus, and this is paying dividends. Nevertheless, the bus is old, and we need to prioritize how we can fund an upgraded bus so we can continue and improve these opportunities.
  • Aspire to be Deadly is a true sport for development program and across all levels of government, sport is becoming more recognized as a strong vehicle to drive positive social change and this initiative has reflected the public policy value and broadens the awareness of these possible investment opportunities through Aspire to be Deadly and identifies how local programs run well can and do make a difference.

New Collaborations with Hockey Australia Oceania Hockey


Strong collaborative links have been made to support post COVID 19 Programs – exciting times ahead.

COVID 19 Modifications

Cairns Hockey Aspire have strong amended COVID 19 Recovery Plans in place to support the funding outcomes and the Aspire Team is focused to be build a strong platform upon which COVID 19 Recovery Plans can be launched when restrictions are relaxed.

Aspire Team works from the Aspire office on Tuesday and Thursday each week. Monday/Wednesday and Friday – staff work remotely

The health and well-being of the Aspire Team members is of paramount importance and as a result practices have been put in place to ensure the team practice social distancing and have upgrade hygiene practices in accordance with government guidelines. If staff feel unwell – they will advise and self-isolate. Aspire Team has 4 staff in the identified higher risk group and as such higher risk assessment provisions are undertaken and I am please to report 17th April 2020 all staff are well.

All Aspire Team Members have downloaded app from au

  • Strengthen the digital platform and encourage engagement with initiatives FOCUSING ON SUPPORT across mental and physical well -being – supporting regular exercise and finding your voice to continue to exercise strong choices.
  • Education support – learning mentors and ambassadors
  • Focus on Recovery Programs – programs contain complete resources, packages, education and training, culture and capability, partner consultation including CHA Operations – amended work plans, budgets and delivery models establish Aspire Academy
  • Pushing to bring forward Cairns Hockey Aspire Community Hub and Performance Centre Programs incorporating LIVE WELL LEARN WELL LEAD WELL – where possible complete upstairs ready to deliver when appropriate to do so – develop Aspire Academy for 2021 start
  • Aspire Deadly 5’s Program – focus on pathways and celebration of milestones across education, well being and leadership


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COVID 19 Information






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