Aspire to be Deadly Update Learn Well – Live Well – Lead Well

Current Program – Parks to Club Program – part of the Safer Streets Program

We are using this program to pilot a program that specifically targets under presented and at risk children as part of the LEARN WELL LIVE WELL LEAD WELL program.

In practice our program looks a little like this

2.30-3.00pm                Pick up from school in the Aspire Bus

3.15pm – 4.00pm        Learn Well – assist with homework and support with learning activities

4.00pm – 4.15pm        Live Well – assist with healthy eating choices/nutrition and hydration

4.15pm – 5.00pm        Lead Well – involving in Walking Hockey and meeting club and other members and sharing their journey and building capacity

5.00pm – 6.00pm       Lead Well – Deadly 5’s competition game – showing off the skills learned and team work and team building

5.00pm                          Bus takes the group home

We will provide more evidence base data I due course but here is a few photos I thought might be helpful

We sincerely thank our partners at Cairns West State School, Safer Streets Parks to Clubs Program and Hockey Australia. Thanks to the Cairns Hockey Walking Program and the Summer social programs and club engagement which looks promising for future programs.

Lastly I huge thanks to our Aspire Team who are committed to these programs and the young people participating.

2020 Programs being planned

Cairns Hockey Aspire Well Being and Performance Centre – home of Aspire to be Deadly

  • Our plan and vision is to establish the “ Aspire Well Being and Performance Centre linking the Aspire to be Deadly Program with Cairns Hockey and also providing a safe space for the participants as well as an opportunity to broaden opportunities into the refugee space in due course.
  • We are undertaking repairs and maintenance to the bus for 2020 and we will have access to 2 drivers in 2020 and this access to transport might well strengthen the delivery opportunities especially for the transition 7 and 8 programs.
  • Cairns Hockey Aspire would like to broaden the relationships and support to our partner schools and through the additional funding, At this stage – we would like to explore the possibility of partners in the following school as a 1 year pilot in 2020 based on the Aspire to be Deadly Model but broadening this to support grade 7 and 8 transition programs directed to these at risk indigenous young women and girl.

Some information points
• Cairns West/Parramatta Park/Whitfield as the Primary Schools
• Link into Trinity Bay High
• Work in the well-being space rather than the sport space
• Identify mutually beneficial outcomes
• Build a collaboration and pilot in 2020
• Look at funding support to the schools through this collaboration to support the Aspire program  and can include equipment opportunities separately for the school
• Community focused not Cairns Hockey focused
• Evidence base and curriculum aligned delivery and reporting
• Work books developed and made available to schools to assist in this evidence base reporting
• Leadership Opportunities for older children as they progress through the program
• Access to accredited education and training
• Aspire program has access to a bus as part of any program
• Linking with other community partnerships
• Link mutually beneficial reporting/media and promotion

New concept – Deadly 5’s is also an opportunity to explore through this pilot.

Developing Plans with Hockey Australia and Oceania Hockey in 2020




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