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Deadly 5’s to Perth – 4th – 9th March 2020


All the information on the tour can be found at this link   Perth Program Version 4




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2020 Aspire Staff

Aspire General Manager – Julie McNeil

This position will deliver the funding outcomes through the management of the plans and management of the staff. Cairns Hockey will oversee this and this role will work through strategic planning/reporting/financial acquittal and management, promotion and marketing, stakeholder engagement and assessment of data and program policies but mentoring of the staff and collaborative partnerships was identified as important to building sustainability and quality services

Aspire Programs Coordinator – Wes Ferns

Responsible to GM in the delivery of Aspire Schools Program with partners , Aspire Live Well Program and Deadly 5’s with partners , Education and training workshops , Coordination of resources into the relevant programs , Organization of events/competition and workshops , Supporting mentor and ambassador leadership program , Talent pathways Promotion and awareness Reporting/data collection

Aspire Admin Officer and Program Mentor – Jess Fatnowna

Jessica will be employed by Cairns Hockey in this role and supported by Julie McNeil and she will be trained in administration and office management/reporting and customer service, data processing and other identified skills- mentoring was identified as important to building sustainability and quality services, Collection of Data and ensuring information available for reporting, Jess will retain and strengthen her role as a mentor and program role model

Aspire Education and Mentor Support – David McNeil

This role is an educator and a mentor
Assists with staff and local coordinators, Developing Manuals for coaching and aspire program delivery , Assisting in delivery of education and training workshops and programs , Developing excellence programs

Aspire Hockey Development Office and Mentor – Lisa Fatnowna


Assisting and supporting delivery of programs as identified  Aspire School support , Aspire Health Support ,Aspire Leadership/mentor Support  Data Collection, Mentoring young women and girls, Ambassador and role model

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Cairns Hockey Aspire to be Deadly Indigenous Hockey Programs has partnered with Commonwealth Government- Indigenous Advancement Strategy to deliver a series of programs to increase school attendance, to support leadership pathways and to highlight healthy lifestyle choices with the aim of increasing opportunities for indigenous young women to complete school and view future opportunities with increased self confidence and self worth.

Aspire to be Deadly uses the hockey programs through the LEARN WELL LIVE WELL LEAD WELL Program to develop strong life skills by participating and advancing through the hockey program and learning new skills, working together and teamwork, team work and problem solving and understanding how to address challenges without giving up or resorting to aggressive and unacceptable behaviour

Aspire to be Deadly will collaborate with

  • schools
  • hockey clubs and associations – state and national
  • local indigenous community elders
  • business and corporate support
  • all levels of government

Together Aspire to be Deadly will build upon the learnings and outcomes of previous programs and will be open to deliver innovative programs which are driven through

  • respect and recognition of culture
  • access to strong indigenous role models and Ambassadors
  • a spirit of reconciliation
  • focus on supporting education outcomes as a priority
  • supporting indigenous employment opportunities
  • pathways through remote and regional communities

Cairns Hockey is establishing an Advisory Group in 2019 to oversee this program and build capacity and link with participation club development sustaining programs to build this program into a leading national program

Aspire Committee Terms of Reference

Sub Committee Nomination Form


Aspire Project Plan 2019-2020 2

Collaborations are the key to sustained success and Cairns Hockey Aspire to be Deadly acknowledge the following supporters for 2019

  • BDO Nth Qld
  • Just Hockey
  • Apumipima Health Services
  • Tagai State College – Torres Strait Islands
  • Cairns West State School

Cairns Hockey took a brave and courageous decision 13 years ago and identified that the development and support of indigenous and remote hockey development programs would lead to long term benefit. Cairns Hockey partnered with Hockey Queensland Remote and Indigenous Hockey Program and has broadened its involvement into indigenous support programs across Far North Queensland through the development of Aspire Program.

Cairns Hockey Indigenous Programs have been integrated into the Cairns Hockey 2020 Strategic Plans and form part of their social responsibility strategy. In addition, they link with education and training programs, modified competition and pathways and partnerships.

Cairns Hockey has developed specific programs, practices and policies around which the indigenous programs would be supported. The budgets and acquittal processes are all transparent through Cairns Hockey.

For more information on Aspire to be Deadly, please contact Julie McNeil on 07 40532308 or email

Aspire to be Deadly | 2019 Hockey Program

Cairns Hockey Aspire to be Deadly will be active during 2019 delivering a number of programs including

  • Cape York Community Partnerships
  • Torres Strait Islands Community Partnerships
  • Gulf Savannah Region Community Partnerships
  • Cairns and FNQ Community Partnerships

Cairns Hockey Aspire to be Deadly has a Program Manager, who has valuable experience in delivering into remote and indigenous communities, as well as a Regional Hockey Program Coordinator, with extensive experience in engaging, developing and delivering modified hockey programs, designed to broaden participation, build talent and create pathways. This includes

  • Participation and Pathways Programs
  • Mentor Programs
  • Education and Training Workshops
  • Parent and Community Engagement
  • It has a significant focus targeting indigenous young women and girls but has broad based support to ensure the Programs can encompass community needs

Ambassadors and Role Models are available including a trainee Development Officer and a Mentor Support Coordinator , who are trained to deliver community support programs, using hockey as the vehicle to drive positive social changes.

Aspire Updated Report


Aspire to be Deadly | Program Staff

Aspire to be Deadly Program General Manager

Julie McNeil

  • manages the funding program outcomes, reports and acquittals.
  • mentors staff and participants in leadership, communication, program administration, compliance requirements and human resources.
  • Recognized as a best practice program manager, both nationally and internationally.
Regional Program Coordinator

Wes Ferns

  • coordinates the Aspire to be Deadly Program, engages communities and develops programs that meet the community needs across participation, education and training, competition and pathways.
  • Wes is well known and respected in the remote and indigenous communities and has earned this by working hard across all program areas.
Aspire Hockey Development Officer

 Lisa Fatnowna

  • delivery of school based support programs, leadership and role modeling for indigenous young women and girls.
  • assists as part of the mentor support program, including club based programs, workshops and collection of data.
  • Lisa  is a working example of how solid mentor programs can drive positive changes.
Aspire Admin Officer and Program Mentor

Jess Fatnowna 

Jess oversees our administration, office services and coordinates data collection, calendar, social media and promotions.

Jess also delivers education and well being programs as part of Live Well Learn Well Lead Well

Aspire Educator and Mentor

David McNeil 

David is a FIH Level 3 Coach Educator and has coached internationally, nationally, state and regionally.

David has worked with the indigenous programs for over 10 years


During the 2020 Program Aspire Ambassadors will be invited to be part of this program.

Aspire to be Deadly | Engaging Local Community Volunteers and Supporters

Aspire to be Deadly recognizes that without local community support and direct engagement and involvement from local volunteers, this program cannot be sustainable. Aspire to be Deadly is building a strong network designed to build local capacities. This is done through identifying interested local volunteers and structuring training and mentor programs, designed to meet the needs of the individual, the community involved and the program outcomes itself.


BDO Nth Qld supports the Aspire to be Deadly Program across all regions. We thank BDO Nth Q


  1. Tagai College – Torres Strait Island  

2. Trinity Stingers Hockey Club 

3. Cairns West State School

4. Apumipima Health Services






Aspire to be Deadly | 2018 Highlights

Cairns Hockey Aspire to be Deadly is delivering across

  • Torres Strait Island Communities
  • Gulf Savannah Communities
  • Cape York- in particular South East Cape
  • Cairns Region

In partnership with Hockey Queensland RIHP, Cairns Hockey is driving regionally indigenous programs that link and connect into mainstream in a managed way and is the only regional association in Australia driving and supporting programs that benefit indigenous young women and girls in particular.

There are a series of mentor and workshop programs planned for 2017 which will assist and support the outcomes driving Aspire to be Deadly and in 2017 Cairns Hockey will look to promote these across the hockey community

2018 Aspire Plans

Focus this year will be on

  • education and employment pathways
  • parents and family support
  • active mentor support programs
  • links with Tropicana Lodge as a residential facility in 2018 onwards
  • supporting links into mainstream programs

As the year progresses we will link our highlights and good news stories and promote the continued benefits being involved in this great program


  • Torres Strait Island Programs – Aspire Schools Program – March – June 2018
  • Cairns West School, Parramatta Park and Balaclava School expand the Cairns Aspire Schools Program  – Feb – August 2018
  • Migi Kokan – March 2018
  • Aspire to Good Health – South West Cape – Cairns Region – March – Nov 2018
  • Indigenous Mentor Support Program- ongoing through the year
  • Gulf Savannah – on going
  • Local scholarships

Aspire Updated Report

2018 Reconciliation Week

2018 Aspire Plans



Aspire to be Deadly started in June 2015 and it hailed the delivery of a program in the indigenous sports space of a regional hockey association – Cairns Hockey taking the lead and supporting community benefit programs for indigenous young women and girls in particular.

Cairns Hockey is very proud of this program and has in December 2015 formalized the commitment with inclusion of a  social responsibility pillar in the 2016-2020 Strategic Program where it highlights its commitment to Aspire to be Deadly

It is important to share this journey and in this section we look to highlight the work this program and its benefits across the community

2017 Karumba Report Version 3

Images of Karumba and Gulf Savannah Program

2017 Migi Report

JANUARY – MARCH 2017 Highlights Aspire





REPORT 2015-2016

Aspire Promotional Information

July-Dec 2015 Highlights – Aspire to be Deadly

Jan- March 2016 Highlights – Aspire to be Deadly


2015-2016 Annual Report – Aspire to be Deadly

30th June 2016 Highlights – Aspire to be Deadly





2016 Cairns Hockey Annual Report



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Aspire 5Aspire 6Aspire 8 DSCF0374

13244790_10153550253081669_5777096305644157961_n  DSCF0837

Manager and Coach - Cairns Girls Pink Team 3   model







Partnership with Queensland School Sport

2019 State School Girls State Champs – Cairns 13-16 June 2019 

  • Aspire to be Deadly was invited to give Acknowledgement to Country at the opening ceremony
  • The Girls were invited back to present medals at the closing ceremony

Aspire to be Deadly was asked to make a presentation at the School Girls Championship Dinner and presented the following

All this information was published at a presentation 13th June 2019 and could not publish or share before.

Facts about the Aspire to be Deadly Program and Cairns West State School Collaboration

• This program deals with indigenous young girls that have 68% chance of being sexually assaulted or the subject of domestic violence and abuse by the age of 12
• At risk young girls – with all the challenges that associate with this
• In the last 2 years of this program attendance has risen from 76% to 93% and remains steady at 93%
• School performance has improved with significantly better results from classroom teachers across this period
• Poor behaviour has reduced significantly- 2 years ago these young girls had 39 suspensions in 6 months – as part of the program in the last 6 months – this Aspire group has 3 suspensions

In addition to the information above, the programs support
• Indigenous Mentor Support Program – where Aspire mentors work at the school 1 day per week and build relationships with these girls
• Bus pickup support this program
• Transition to club hockey on Saturday
• More indigenous players and families participate at Cairns Hockey than ever before
• Cairns Hockey established Aspire to be Deadly Advisory Committee to review the RAP and strategic objectives around this program and transition to sustainable club participation
• Pathways to further education, employment and well-being
• Expanded to refugee students and family

Our Aspire to be Deadly leadership group presented the Acknowledgement to Country at School Girls State Hockey Champs and made such an impression they were invited back on the Sunday to present the medals at the closing ceremony. I link a few images that we hope reflect the positive outcomes this collaborative has.




2018 Schools Hockey State Champs – Cairns

Cairns Hockey Aspire to be Deadly Hockey Program and Peninsula School Sport have formed a partnership that creates an opportunity for our young women and girls involved in Aspire to be Deadly to attend state championships as part of a “Presidents Team”

Currently Wes Ferns and Jess Fatnowna are with Peninsula Hockey and the “President’s Boys Team” as coach and support coach respectively assisting and building relationships to strengthen the opportunity of a girls team in 2017 made up predominately of girls identified through the Aspire Program.

More information will be provided as this program is developed but we take the opportunity to thank Vicki Sparks for this innovation and working with us during 2016-2016 to develop the concept and put it in practice.


A total of 5 young people from the ASPIRE PROGRAM will be part of the President Teams in 2017









This is a leadership program that merged the boot camp physical fitness activities and health and well being programs with a social hockey program and pathway linking the increase in physical activity and physical fitness with real time improvement in skill development and more positive results for the team.

Thus program aligned with the Aspire to be Deadly Participation program which assisted in the increase in school attendance through involvement in the hockey program.

Communities included

Thursday Island, Horn Island, Badu Island, Mabuaig island, Kubin Village

Cairns West State School and Community

The successful completion of this program and the reinforcement of the positive messages led to young women in this program being selected for representative teams which would not have been possible without the increase physical fitness levels and the understanding of good food choices.


For more information on this program contact Julie McNeil at

We thank the North Queensland Primary Health Network for their support and assistance in delivering this project and look forward to continuing the partnership for better health and well-being outcomes for indigenous young women and girls using the Aspire to be Deadly Program .

Cairns Hockey Partners And Supporters