Cairns Hockey Association | Partners & Sponsors

Cairns Hockey has been a strong community organization within and across the Cairns region for almost 90 years. Across these decades, Cairns Hockey has engaged and recruited the support of many government, business, industry and community partners and sponsors, all designed to deliver positive and beneficial outcomes to Cairns Hockey Members.

To continue to deliver quality sporting services to the community generally, Cairns Hockey is committed to developing and delivering a strong partner and sponsor support program, designed to acknowledge the value of the support received and to provide recognition and to highlight the importance of this support to the health and wellbeing of Cairns Hockey generally.

Cairns Hockey values the contributions made from the ever-increasing group of volunteer supporters that provide assistance and support to Clubs and Association on a regular basis throughout the year. It also values the extensive operational and capital support delivered through all levels of government. But what makes the crucial difference to a sport like Cairns Hockey, is the equipment and services committed by the small business sponsors and supporters, that delivers and to the significant number of local and regional businesses that provide direct and in kind support which enables the facility to function at its best.

The current sponsor and partner support packages are in the process of being redefined and repackaged. Once completed they will be included on this page.

On our home page there is a rolling banner which recognizes and highlights the logos of our partners and sponsors. We take this opportunity to sincerely thank everyone who assists us and works towards Cairns Hockey being Australia’s leading hockey region by 2020.

Cairns Hockey Partners And Supporters