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To all our visitors, we welcome you to Cairns Hockey and the Great Barrier Reef Region, your gateway to discovering the magic of Australia’s true tropics. Here, you can play your chosen sport on our acclaimed, international standard, artificial playing surface and then just lose yourself in the magical, natural attractions that abound in our slice of heaven.

Take a day off to swim among the bright, colourful fish and coral in the world heritage listed Great Barrier Reef. Escape to a secluded tropical island, walk through some of the oldest rainforests on the planet, or visit the great many natural wonders of the Tablelands. It’s the ultimate destination to enjoy this great sport and spectacular, natural beauty at its absolute best, or to find fun and adventure. It’s also the perfect place to relax, be pampered, and enjoy the laid back feel of the tropics. We enjoy a great level of competition, both serious and social, but welcome all like long lost mates.

To all our locals, players, parents, supporters and spectators alike, we welcome you back and promise you an exciting 2016 season. We urge you all to support your clubs in their endeavors to grow our sport and accept the challenges that lay ahead.

We welcome you to our Cairns Hockey, playing the game for 90 years!

Cairns Hockey | Quick Facts


Cairns Hockey was established in 1927/28 nearly 92 years ago to administer hockey in the Cairns region. It has grown into a vibrant hockey association with four (4) clubs – Brothers, Saints, Souths and Stingers – with strengthening relationships with Tableland teams, beginning to participate in the local competition. Its home is at the exciting Cairns North Sporting Precinct on Lake Street. Over 118 teams from Under 10 to Masters – male and female during the winter season , 60 plus teams playing Indoor. Social and Walking Hockey also enjoy the sport. There is a balance of participation opportunities, talent pathway options as well as volunteer roles within the sport.


Cairns Regional Hockey Centre’s facilities include:

  • 2 water based artificial pitches (with approved lighting) over seven hectares
  • Constructed to FIH specifications
  • Up to 6 well-conditioned support grass fields
  • Location: North Cairns, 2kms from the airport, 4kms from the CBD, 365 Lake Street, Cairns, 4870.
  • New $2.7m Clubhouse and Member Amenities: AV facilities, warm-up areas, parking, spectator seating and viewing mounts, security fenced were completed in April 2019 with the support of the Australian Government.
  • Queensland Government are funding additional upgrades which are expected to be ready in May 2020 to the old clubhouse area to support safe place, sun safety and increase enjoyment and participation.
  • Cairns Regional Council provides support to our members and our growing national and international quality facilities

Cairns Hockey is an incorporated association managed by a duly elected volunteer Board of Management. The Board consists of a President, Finance Director and 3 additional Board members, elected by its members at an AGM. The Board employs administrative, ground maintenance and coaching and development staff to drive and deliver the competitions and supporting programs. It appoints volunteer operating committees to assist and support the advancement of hockey programs, pathways and competitions.

Competition Membership

Hockey supported school and community recruitment programs are delivered across the region with more than 3,000 participants annually. Cairns Hockey runs a full field winter competition and a modified summer competition. It also recognized an indoor competition. 1,600 plus people (males and females) participated in these competitions, from Under 11 through to Masters. The competition is also open to regional teams from the Atherton Tablelands, in both junior and senior competition grades.


Over 350 players and officials   represent Cairns and are involved in Talent Pathway Programs across regional, state and national championships annually. In addition, Cairns Hockey delivers programs targeting skill development through the Regional Academy. These programs provide additional opportunity to over 200 members and supporters.

Cairns Hockey Association | Plans & Programs

Cairns Hockey – Aim to be Australia’s Leading Hockey Region by 2020

Cairns Hockey Board and its members are proud to present the 2016-2020 strategic plan for hockey in the region. It is about hockey and the development and delivery of the game in Far North Queensland and ultimately, it’s about our presence, our existence and our relevance in the greater community. The regional sporting landscape is changing and is becoming a recognized product to bring economic benefit to the region. Cairns Hockey is well placed to leverage this and development programs based on sound business and social responsibility models.


2019 Draft Development Plan


Annual Report 2019

2018 Annual Report  Annual Report FINAL 2018

2017 Annual Report

2016 Annual Report  cnshockey_annualreport166

A copy of 2015 Annual Report



  • High Level of Member Satisfaction
  • Sustained Growth within the Region
  • Strong Financial Performance
  • Expanding competition formats – competitive and social
  • Delivering Successful Pathways
  • Quality Facilities and Venues
  • Strong Social Responsibility Priorities

Cairns Hockey bases its existence on a series of core values, which it weaves through all program plans, programs and projects. Click below to download plans for 2018






Cairns Hockey Association | Board & Committee

Cairns Hockey Governance

Cairns Hockey aims to be “Australia’s best hockey region” by 2020. Important information is available on how Cairns Hockey plans to achieve this, our volunteer Board Members and Committee members, the direction, plans and programs Cairns Hockey is taking, as well as the history of where we came from and the strategic planning to direct us into the future. To download a one-page diagram of the Cairns Hockey governance structure, click here.

Our Board

The Cairns Hockey Board comprises 5 members and has a history of being one of the best gender balanced boards throughout its history, with currently 3 women and 2 men making up the 5 members. Amongst the specialist skill sets on the board, are people with experience in finance, medicine, human resources, small business and management. The current board members are:

President- John Watts

Director of Finance – Cheryl Overlack

Sonja Noonan

Wayne  Duda

Michelle Annison

A copy of recent annual reports and auditors reports are available for download below.

Our Committees

To offer assistance and support to the organisation’s management and its board, Cairns Hockey has a number of committees. These committees oversee, on behalf of the board of management, key areas of operation and issues in line with the strategic plan 2016- 2020.

The Committees Are:

To see the members of each committee, please download our committee membership listing.

Cairns Hockey Staff

Cairns Hockey continues to drive strategic objectives. Current structure includes :-

  • Align the organizational structure with the strategic pillars of its 2016-2020 strategic plan
  • Prioritize the Aspire to be Deadly Program and maximize its opportunities
  • Support organizational succession planning and a healthy work and life balance for Senior Staff

The process included the detailed

  • Review of Aspire to be Deadly and the confirmation of the 2019-2021 Program provides Cairns Hockey with the ability to be innovative using the budget allocation for salaries and connecting ASPIRE into CAIRNS mainstream programs as part of the mentoring and pathways outcomes bringing value added benefits across the whole of the association if managed well
  • Review of  Coaching Department identified timing for succession planning, potential opportunities to take advantage of our current human resources available and innovate towards new programs
  • Strengthening and expanding a position to market hockey in the region and build the hockey brand with organizational restructure freeing up our skilled workforce to use their significant skills in the best way possible for the association moving forward
  • Aligns with our strategies for obtaining new funding sources
  • Identified the need for increased club support and included this as a priority within the restructure
  • Confirmation of new bookkeeping and financial processes to strengthen financial performance

Cairns Hockey Board has worked very hard engaging many different areas of the association to obtain broad based feedback and is confident the new structure moving forward will advance Cairns Hockey now and in the future.


Cairns Hockey Volunteer and Employed Workforce Information

OPERATIONS MANAGER /CEO ROLE – In practice the new structure provides the Operations Manager/CEO – Julie McNeil to have more time to focus on the Facility Development, engagement with stakeholders, government, supporters, securing funding and support to benefit Cairns Hockey and ensure all our governance, policy, compliance and reporting is undertaken in a professional and managed way. To ensure this could be done, the old Regional Coaching Director position has been reviewed and changed and competition management is transferred from Operations Manager. The management of the ASPIRE TO BE DEADLY PROGRAM remains with the Operations Manager/CEO. The primary responsibility is to ensure the driving of the 2016-2020 Strategic Plan and identified objectives using her extensive management skills and knowledge of working in not for profit sector. Aligning with this is a delivery of communication plans and engagement programs to assist clubs build capacities and to coordinate the best use of all the knowledge, skill and experience available through-out the organization. Stakeholder engagement is an important function and it is hoped that clubs and members will feel comfortable in engaging and working through challenges and opportunities.  Operations Manager/CEO is the Board liaison and is responsible for day to day finance management and staff supervision.

REGIONAL COMPETITION AND COACHING DIRECTORThe new role has a new name REGIONAL COMPETITION AND COACHING DIRECTOR to better reflect its role.  David McNeil retains this position and is responsible for driving the strategic objectives of sustained growth, expanding competitive and social competitions and successful pathways. This includes taking over the management of the CHA competition, chairing the competitions committee, drives and delivers local and regional competition, coaching support, mentors and training, game development, recruitment and retention across pre season, winter, summer, Indoor, Social and Rep programs including Academy and other pathway programs.

REGIONAL PROGRAMS COORDINATORThis role is upgraded and Wes Ferns’  will expand his role to support

  1. Coach Education
  2. Skill Based Program Support
  3. Talent ID Programs in particular Under 18, Under 15, Under 13 and Under 11
  4. Aspire Support
  5. School recruitment

Wes will report to Regional Competitions and Coaching Director in all aspects of growth, competition and pathway associated programs, Wes has the added responsibility of reporting to Operations Manager in relation to the Aspire to be Deadly Program. This role reports to the CHA Board through the Operations Manager.

ASPIRE AMBASSADOR – Jess Fatnowna- this is a casual position designed to strengthen the mentor support program delivered across Aspire and works to coordinate local and regional opportunities

CAIRNS HOCKEY DEVELOPMENT OFFICER – Lisa Fatnowna continues her role in this position and after nearly 1 year in the role as a school based trainee. Lisa has been asked to advance her roles in recruitment and development, will be assisting in school hockey programs, assist the Junior Programs, deliver Aspire to be Deadly and her role is expanded to offer some administrative support

CAIRNS HOCKEY DEVELOPMENT OFFICER – Jayden Atkinson begins this role in January 2019 and is a casual position to support junior hockey advancement and skill development. Jayden will also develop a role with media support as the year progresses

GROUNDSMAN AND CARETAKER – Rance Wallace continues in his role of ensuring the facility is maintained and delivered to our members in the best possible condition. Reporting to the Operations Manager, this position has a dual role of maintaining the facility within the budgets available and coordinating the ongoing repairs and upkeep in a professional manner and dealing with any emergency situation relating to the facility. This role also has the responsibility of ensuring the security of the facility. This position includes the residence on the premises.

BOOKKEEPER- RODNEY ELLWOOD– brings extensive experience and skill in financial control practices and process to Cairns Hockey supporting the strategic objective of strong financial performance. Rodney will work with Operations Manager to produce budgets, financial reporting to Board Members and checks and balances to ensure compliance across statutory and other financial responsibility. Both Rodney and Julie will work closely with Director of Finance to ensure Board support.

MEMBERSHIP AND COMPETITIONS SUPPORT OFFICER- JANICE NOONAN continues in a part time role designed to support the restructure. This role has undergone some changes and it is important to understand that Janice will be reporting to Regional Competition and Coaching Director in all matters relating to competition and her role across competition will be driven through the priorities identified through competition committee. Janice is also the person to contact in relation to the membership data base.

FACILITY AND GAME SERVICES  SUPPORT MEGAN SCHENK This role that has been created to ensure there is a point of contact relating to the facilities support – hiring/training/repairs and maintenance , coordinate and supervise food and beverage responsibilities on site, and support Talent Pathways through representative travel/mentoring. This is a dynamic role and with the improvements being completed, the role will be reviewed to ensure all new responsibilities are overseen with possible additional support. This role is filled by Megan Schenk and it becomes a full time role at Cairns Hockey. This position will work from the Lake Street office. The role will also support the Operations Manager/CEO in day to day activities, with event support an added role during the year. Megan is the point of contact for all club and member inquiries apart from competition matters.

CANTEEN SUPERVISOR – To Be advised  will fill the role originally setup by Penny in 2016 on a casual basis responsible for the delivery of food and beverage services through the canteen. We have been reviewing this role and Peter will have a greater role in delivering quality service and products, statutory and health service compliance, ordering, and financial reporting. Peter will also be responsible for recruitment and training of canteen support personnel.

BAR SUPERVISOR- Brian Ferns continues in his role on a casual basis ensuring the bar is running efficiently and effectively and meeting the needs of our members. Brian has been undertaking this role and we appreciate his commitment and support to Cairns Hockey.

FACILITY SUPPORT – Ray Bolton works with Rance to provide specialist skills and knowledge on a casual basis.

All this information will be available on the ABOUT US section of the Cairns Hockey website.




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