2019 Winter Season Reviews at Cairns Hockey


Cairns Hockey is embarking on our annual winter season reviews and invite members/clubs and supporters to be involved in identifying in a positive way, how we can work together to advance the winter program here at Cairns Hockey.  On the agenda is

  • Introductory and Junior Recruitment Programs and Plans
  • Primary Competition and Programs
  • Secondary Competition and Programs
  • Senior Competition and Programs
  • Masters Competition and Programs

Cairns Hockey has been in conversation and dialogue with clubs to identify what challenges need addressing and how/what changes need to be discussed to move Cairns Hockey forward.

David McNeil role has been changing across the last 2 years in particular and with Matt Cook returning, the collaborations between competition delivery and coach and skill development, pathways, rep program and training and capacity building will see David take a mentor role and concentrate of providing support to our volunteer committee structure as well as supervise and manage our competition formats.

To assist the following information and data is available in these documents


Analysis and Assessment 2015-2019

Review Dev Plan 2019

2020 Draft Development Plan

Upcoming Changes

The expanded $2m plus Aspire to be Deadly Funding required a detailed review of how Cairns Hockey would manage all aspects of hockey moving forward. This review identified that a restructure of Cairns Hockey organization was needed as the expanded role of Aspire combined with existing and future responsibilities of the Operations manager role was more than 1 person could manage.

Areas that are being reviewed currently include

  • Competitions
  • Officiating
  • Coaching and Development
  • Rep program
  • Indoor
  • Social and All Abilities
  • School and Introductory Programs

Julie McNeil has over the past 4 years supported CHA in this role through

  1. Delivering $3.6m in funding support including infrastructure and program funding (Aspire included)
  2. Securing $2.2m additional funding across the next 4 years
  3. Delivering governance and strategic planning and reporting
  4. Strengthening the financial processes and building a platform for future program delivery.
  5. Expanded stakeholder engagement and supported improved communication processes and sub -committee engagement

Julie McNeil requested to change her role to manage the expanded Aspire program and she has agreed to remain working for CHA supporting strong financial performance, stakeholder engagement, grant funding and governance. This expanded Aspire Program began 1st July 2019

New General Manager – Operations

  • applications remain open until 30th September 2019
  • some great applications have been received
  • This position is anticipated to be filled sometime in November 2019
  • This person will manage overall office and general operations of Cairns Hockey and is responsible for the effective and successful management of the office, facility, events, personnel, quality control and safety and risk measures across Cairns Hockey. This person will be expected to enhance the operational procedures, information flow with internal and external stakeholders, business processes, opportunities to expand revenue streams, and carry out supervisory responsibilities.

New Development Officer Position – Full Time

  • With the collaborations and discussions around Recruitment and School Support Programs, the CHA Board is excited to announce that a new position Cairns Hockey Development Office will be created and advertised focusing on developing strong and sustaining relationships with school, community, club in the recruitment space – special focus on young people and school programs but will assist all formats of the game and assist in community level grass roots growth programs. Applications have closed and the assessment process has began with an announcement anticipated in mid/late October 2019.

General Manager – Community Partnerships/Aspire and Governance

  • Julie McNeil moves from Operations Manager to this new role. This role will report directly to the Board and will focus on the expanded Aspire to be Deadly Program, Community Support, funding, stakeholder engagement and governance and will align with the funding agreement terms.
  • Aspire to be Deadly has expanded and required significant more attention than the current structure allows
  • Wesley Ferns will move from the CHA coaching into the Aspire Program full time.
  • Lisa and Jess Fatnowna will remain in the Aspire Program.

Competition and Coaching

We welcome back Matt Cook from leave and he returns to his position in the coaching department and will collaborate and partner with RCCD – David McNeil to deliver refreshed and new innovative programs across skill development, talent pathways, education and training, mentoring, club capacity building and Academy delivery through a managed plan including succession planning for the future.

Cairns Hockey Board is confident that this restructure will position our association to drive towards its vision to be Australia’s leading hockey region.

Transitional Requirements

Julie McNeil has agreed to continue the Operations role as well as undertaking her new role until all positions and restructure has been implemented.
Ongoing engagements with all level of government will continue to be the role of Julie McNeil and along with Dr Pozzi – Cairns Hockey President, there are conversations happening around pitch replacements, other improvements around the old clubhouse and the like.

Once the new General Manager Operations has been appointed, further reviews of Operations will be undertaken around Food and Bev, Grounds Maintenance and Improvements and Office Processes.

Office Relocation Discussions

  • With the new arrangements and the expansion of programs the CHA Board has made the decision to move CHA Office upstairs in the old clubhouse
  • This will access new revenue opportunities for CHA for the office at 365 Lake Street
  • design plans are being drafted now and time frames are being developed
  • until this is completed, CHA office will remain at 365 Lake Street
  • it is anticipated this will be completed prior to the 2020 winter season commencing

New Queensland Sport and Recreation Strategy- Activate Queensland

  • It is important to understand Queensland Government has announced its new strategy and this will impact Clubs and Association around funding and support programs
  • Julie McNeil continues to engage with Queensland Government on behalf of Cairns Hockey and will be updating the Board at the October Board Meeting and thereafter information will be shared

Expanded Aspire to be Deadly Program – What’s new

  • This program is funded for 4 years and the has 5 regions across the far North, Cape/Torres Strait and Gulf Savannah to deliver identified outcomes
  • Part of this program will collaborate with clubs and members in local programs
  • Budgets and Plans are submitted through the Cairns Hockey Board for approval and monthly reports are submitted to the Cairns Hockey Board
  • Julie McNeil is responsible for the acquittals/reporting and compliance and governance within this program and works with Director of Finance around the financial compliances and reporting
  • 2019-2020 plans are being confirmed and by end of November 2019, the 2020 plans will be available and we anticipate there will be some great opportunities for clubs and members to collaborate and reviewed support programs will be available for clubs to involve themselves in.
  • Education, Well-Being and Leadership are our main outcomes and it is important to understand hockey is the vehicle we use to drive positive social change across these areas.
  • We acknowledge and thank BDO Nth Qld for its continued support of hockey in particular the Aspire to be Deadly program in 2019.
  • LEARN WELL LIVE WELL LEAD WELL – highlights our goals and our vision for Aspire to be Deadly and we look forward to working with clubs and members in 2020 to drive positive outcomes and strong collaborations. More information will be shared as plans and budgets are confirmed

State of Mind and Finding your 30 Programs in 2020

  • Cairns Hockey has secured an extension of funding with NORTH QLD PRIMARY HEALTH NETWORK and will be working with Mindstar to develop some local support packages for its members who require some extra support and some mental health first aid. In 2019 we have worked hard to increase awareness and limit the stigma around seeking help for mental health issues and this program STATE OF MIND is designed to support and assist our members.  More information will be share as its developed further
  • Finding your 30 is second part of the Program and the challenge is to look at programs that help the inactive people within our community to become active. This is a great challenge to have and one that we seek to engage all aspects of ALL ABILITIES and our WALKING HOCKEY – COME AND TRY is part of these plans.




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