2018 Cairns Hockey AGM




3. ATTENDANCE and REGSTER TO VOTE: Please sign the attendance register and thereafter if seeking to vote at the AGM, please confirm voting eligibility – see CHA Board Memo dated 28th November 2018 and information below.

4. APPOLOGIES – See Register


The Minutes of the 2017 Annual General Meeting be confirmed and accepted as a true and accurate record
Moved by:
Seconded by:

6. Adoption of the Annual Report:

ANNUAL REPORT 2018 Move that the 2018 CHA Annual report as produced be accepted and adopted
Moved By
Seconded By

7. ADOPTION OF THE 2017-2018 Audited Financial Reports
Moved by
Seconded by

8. Special Resolution nil


Patron – Move that Warren Entsch be appointed as patron of CHA
Moved By Dr R Pozzi 
Seconded By
Auditor – Move that Greg Stanton be appointed as auditor
Move By C Sackley 
Seconded By

11. Board Elections

Current Board Membership (Nov 2018)
President Dr Robert Pozzi
V/President Mrs Karen Cockrem 
Finance Ms. Casey Sackley
Board Member Mr Miles Dickson
Board Member Mr John Watts

Board Members standing down- end of term (In accordance with The Rules of the Association)
Board Member and Vice President – Mrs Karen Cockrem  End of Term – Seeking re-electionBoard Member –

Mr Miles Dickson – End of Term – Not seeking re-election
Finance Director – Casey Sackley – End of Term – Not seeling re-election

Board Elections at the meeting – President to oversee the voting process

3 nominations were received for 2 CHA Board Positions each with a 2 years term which ends at the AGM in 2020. 

1. Karen Cockrem – Board Member seeking re-election Karen Cockrem -statement in support
2. Wayne Duda – CV attached Wayne Duda
3. Sonya Noonan – CV attached Sonja Noonan

The voting process will be as follows-

(i) All those registered and eligible to vote will receive 1 ballot
(ii) Please nominate 2 persons for the 2 vacant positions
(iii) The nominees with the 2 highest number of votes will elected to fill the vacant positions

Scrutineers to oversee the vote will be nominated at the meeting. Scrutineers will be people not eligible to vote in the election. The scrutineers will tally the votes and present to the President a list of those votes each nominee received.

The President will announce the successful nominees and welcome them to the Board

The President will then call for a resolution that the ballots be destroyed

Closing Statement by the President
Close 7.00pm
Christmas Drink


  1. There will be an election required if all nominations remain active and it is important that Cairns Hockey clarifies the election process in a transparent manner.

Director of Finance

When nominations closed for the position of Director of Finance, a nomination was received by Cheryl Overlack.  As there was no further nominations, no election is necessary and Cheryl Overlack can be appointed as new Director of Finance at the AGM on the 12th December 2018 when the position becomes vacant.

CHA Board Positions

When nominations closed for Board Member positions on CHA Board, CHA had received 3 nominations for the 2 vacant positions.


Karen Cockrem – Board Member seeking re-election
Wayne Duda
Sonja Noonan



In very plain English, Cairns Hockey Board has interpreted Clause 5 of our constitution as follows-

  1. All those over 18 who have paid CHA member fees in 2018
  2. All those over 18 who have paid CHA Non Playing Member fees in 2018
  3. All those over 18 who are fully paid members of affiliated clubs including Life Members and non – playing members not included in 1 or 2.
  4. Parent or legal guardian of a fully paid up junior member
  5. Cairns Hockey Life Member

If a person is over 18 and is entitled to vote above in their own right – they will register to vote in their own name

If that same person is a parent of an under 18 junior and is entitled to vote through this eligibility clause, that parent must register to vote and write the junior name in brackets and this must be done separately for every under 18 junior entitled to vote.

All persons seeking to vote must be eligible to vote by 3pm on Monday 11th December 2018.

The Cairns Hockey Board cannot through their resources confirm the eligibility of club fully paid up non playing members or Life Members. To ensure we can confirm voting eligibility, we ask each affiliated club to provide a list of those members who satisfy the eligibility criteria item 3 above and send through to Cairns Hockey by 3pm on Tuesday 11th December 2018.

Only names on these official club lists provided to Cairns Hockey will be entitled to vote as per 3 above.


All those you wish to vote at the AGM are required to complete the voting registration form.

Cairns Hockey will receive the voting registration form and check same against Cairns Hockey and/or Club lists provided and will notify any person who has registered to vote and does not satisfy the criteria.

If there is any dispute, Cairns Hockey President will make the final decision on eligibility.


Balloting lists shall be prepared (if necessary) containing the names of the candidates in alphabetical order, and each member present at the Annual General Meeting shall be entitled to vote for any number of such candidates not exceeding the number of vacancies.   In this case – each member will circle 2 candidates they choose for 2 board positions

The Chairperson shall appoint two members to conduct the secret ballot in such manner as he shall determine and the result of the ballot as declared by the Chairperson shall be deemed to be the resolution of the meeting at which the ballot was demanded;

The nominee with the highest number of votes will be elected to the CHA Board

The nominee with the second highest number of votes will be elected to the CHA Board

The ballots will be asked to be destroyed once the election has been settled

Every member present shall be entitled to one vote and in the case of an equality of votes the Chairperson shall have a second or casting vote: PROVIDED that no member shall be entitled to vote at any General Meeting unless that member’s annual subscription is paid prior to the commencement of that meeting





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